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A Boy, A Girl, and The Marine Corps: A Love Triangle: Dear Universe: This isn't working out, Sorry.

A Boy, A Girl, and The Marine Corps: A Love Triangle

"I cast my lot with a Marine and where he was, was home to me." ~ Anonymous.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Dear Universe: This isn't working out, Sorry.

So, maybe I SHOULD NOT have posted that if I could bitch slap the universe in the face, I would.

We got our tax return and the husband headed out into the field just in time for our fridge to decided it had really given up on functioning properly.  I keep opening the door to find puddles of water.  At first I had decided that it was explainable by this or that... I finally had to accept that my fridge had given up on life about half way through gunnery.

You may laugh at that.  It's funny.  But it's my own fault.  Not only did I say I would bitch slap the universe in the face in my last post, but I may have also said something along the lines of, "this is the first gunnery that I haven't been sick or had some sort of catastrophic event," to fellow milie while we were discussing how she was having a horrible gunnery filled with bad luck.  See, my own fault for baiting the universe.

I would love to cry right now, but our luck has become so horrible that it's actually become comical.

The husband arrived back home last night, showered and we discussed what to do about our fridge.  The only solution?  Use our hard earned tax return to buy a new one.  We would get up this AM and go look at fridges and buy one.  While at the hardware store, we would price some garage storage items to plan out our garage storage needs.  At some point, my broken laptop is going to need to be assessed by Mac to see if it's fixable, but until then, I'll cope without one....  The screen broke before Europe....

If this wasn't tempting enough for fate, I just had to be upset because over the last few days, the iPad I have been trying desperately to make function has been refusing.  We bought it to prevent having to buy a new laptop, but have discovered that it's really not a replacement at all.  I love it, but nothing I need to work on it ever does and the only things that work consistently are things like the Netflix app which are not of any real use when I need to pay bills online.  Did I mention that it keeps logging me off of things and erasing the stuff I type before I can send it?  GRR... But really, not a huge deal, right?  What's a broken fridge and a broken laptop between friends... LOL!   It probably just needs to be updated and I'm just being fussy.

So, I woke up this morning and the hubs took the dogs for a walk, but seconds after leaving shouted that I needed to call the HOA because the neighbors house was flooding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  HOLY COW!  I looked out the window to see a river of water flowing out of their garage.  No one was home, so I called the HOA to be told that our contact person wasn't there and the receptionist doesn't have access to any emergency numbers for maintenance people.  HUH?  So, I had to watch water pour out of their house while I tried to find something that would put us in contact with someone!  Nope, no luck.  So we went to our other neighbor who is on the board and he tried.  I was so worried that a pipe burst and that their whole house was flooding.

Long story short, I called the fire department to come bust down the door when we went to our garage to leave (having been told the HOA was trying to get someone to the unit ASAP) only to discover a broken fridge would not be our only worry.  Our garage was now flooding too.  Yep, their water heater exploded and flooded their garage which shares a wall with ours.  And our garage flooded right along with it.  UGH!  (I will note that we were told had we not called when we did and gotten the fire department there, our houses would have caught on fire.  The heater had not only exploded and was flooding our houses, but was about to catch on fire!  So, I'm calling that in a win in all of this mess.)

So, we had to deal with all that comes with a flooded garage, a broken fridge and a broken laptop... Only the laptop has taken a wicked back seat to food not spoiling and our house not flooding.  HAHA!  And, of course, this means that we had to expedite some of our garage plans because we have to go through all the stuff to look for damage and figure out how to get the rest of the stuff off the floor so that the floor and wall can dry out.  Not laughing yet?

Well, we went to the hardware store after carefully measuring every inch of our garage and planning a budget.  I had been fortunate enough to have started some of my research online while the hubs was gone, so I had an OK idea about prices... Buying the fridge turned out to be easy.  The first one we liked was rated number one and fit the space.  The garage stuff needed?  Well, every store in the Western WA area only had one of anything we needed...  So, the poor guys were having to look up and call every store and try to track down stuff for us that turns out are not popular enough items to be ordered until they are out of stock.  So, we will have to drive around and buy one of everything at every store in order for any of them to get any more in... Seriously.  Oh, and they can't special order regularly stocked items.

I utterly give up.

Dear Universe:  This relationship is not working out.  It's not you, it's me.  I need a break.  I've decided to quit the world and hide out in another place and time.  I'll call you. 


Blogger Georgia Girl, Jersey Wife said...

When it rains it pours. And it usually decides to come a flood when the husband is gone! Most recently with us, my husband left for 6 weeks to NCOA...right after he left I kept hearing noises in a wall in our rented house. Yep. Mice. Huge infestation. Gross! I had to deal with everything by myself of course. That's why we military wives have to be so tough! Life has to go on without our men...and the curveballs usually come when they are gone. I hope everything works out!

April 13, 2012 at 7:24 AM  
Blogger The Social Frog said...

YUCK & holy crap! So sorry!!! I think email is jacked as I've not gotten anything from you in a while...


April 14, 2012 at 3:27 AM  

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