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A Boy, A Girl, and The Marine Corps: A Love Triangle: September 2011

A Boy, A Girl, and The Marine Corps: A Love Triangle

"I cast my lot with a Marine and where he was, was home to me." ~ Anonymous.

Friday, September 30, 2011


Today, I applied for my first ever US passport.  :)

It was awesome!  I filled out the forms online, printed them, got our photo's done and had our birth certificate copies in hand!  The whole process only took a few minutes once there. It pays to prepare ahead of time!

It's a little scary to me that I was able to order copies of both our birth certificates by mail, but hey, it saved me an entire day at the county records office waiting in line.

The lovely part is that the very nice woman who helped us informed us that the current wait time for passports is only three weeks.  That would be three weeks less than the shortest wait time listed.  Typically it's 6-8 weeks.  Last year, when we looked into getting our passports, the wait time was 12 weeks, if not longer.  The reason was because that is when the WA/Canadian border began requiring a passport or "enhanced" drivers license to cross the boarder.

I'm so excited!  It makes it even more official that we are going to Europe!!!  I have my travel books that I'm pouring over for tips, I have my passport on the way, I have plane tickets and a place to stay.  I just gotta deal with that little fear I have about flying over water and save up some extra money to burn while we are there.  Stupid high exchange rate!!  LOL!

WHOOHOOO for passports!!

Thursday, September 29, 2011


We all need to feel a little grateful sometimes, don't ya think?

I'm having a week in which I'm feeling blessed.  Which is weird, because it's been a bit of a rough week.  But sometimes you need these rough days to remind you how good things are and how lucky you have been.

I was really looking forward to this week because the hubs is home on vacation.  The downside to that is that he's home with nothing to do!  LOL!  It means twice the cleaning, twice the dishes, twice the laundry, and twice the aggravation.  But I was envisioning walking the dogs in the middle of the day, dinners together, and lots of laughing.  What happened instead?  I woke up sick.  And not just a headache, but minding numbing, head in the clouds, feeling too terrible to get out of bed, sick.

How did this start?  Saturday night my nasal passages were a little dry.  Over hydration?  Maybe.  But Sunday morning I woke up and could tell a cold front was coming on.  I talked to the hubs about it because I had planned on painting the bedroom.  He said to do it, even if it meant me getting worse because I had been putting it off for so long.  And I did.  I painted the whole darn thing in one day, two coats and all.  And immediately collapsed on the couch and fell asleep, feeling like utter crap.

I've spent the whole week fighting this illness, in combination with trying to clean up after the hubs, run errands, and (EEEEEKKKK!)  look not horribly, terribly sick, for our family portraits we took on Wend.  UGH!  All this has added up to me never able to feel quite better.

How does this make me blessed?  HAHA!  Because the hubs was supposed to get his vacation pay two weeks before his vacation, per the rules of his union.  He didn't.  He didn't get it last week either.  This means that we have to grieve his employer (per union rules, his job has seriously messed up).  It has made financials in the house tough.  But it also means, we will get a paycheck next week, when we normally wouldn't.  Which means we can plan a bit easier and I won't have nearly as much stress paying bills tomorrow.  A blessing in disguise.  :)

My room got painted and I LOVE it!!!  Blessing.

My husband has been surprisingly nice about me being sick.  He usually isn't very good about having a sick wife. Blessing.

And I have had time do a little more financial planning than usual.  I have figured out how to save a bit of money here and there that I usually wouldn't have had time to seek out.  I have created a better plan for the rest of our year (and our vacation next year) and have had lots of time to make a plan to implement our new goals and how to fit it all in with only one income for a while.  BLESSING!!!

And the best blessing of all?  It's two fold.  I really wanted that job.  Turns out, they didn't make a decision, which is why I still don't know if I got it.  I'm still in the running (blessing!).  I had scheduled an interview for this week at a clinic that is perfectly fine, but not my first choice of work places.  The hubs looked at me and said, "Go ahead and go to the interview, but I don't think you should take the job.  I don't want you to settle for a job just because it's there.  It won't kill us for you to hold out on applying to places for another week or so, until you find out about this job that I know you really, really want."  WOW!  Just WOW!  I was speechless.  I'm so BLESSED to have a husband who is willing to cut back so that I can hold out for a this one job.  Of course, if I don't get it, I will find something else and I just might have to settle.  But for the time being, I am happy knowing that I can wait a bit to see if that will be the case.  :)

And, really, we lived on just his paycheck while I was in school, we can do it again.  It just makes things tight.  But we can do it.  Another week won't kill us.  We haven't even had to dip into our emergency fun yet.

I'm so grateful that this stressful, rough week happened.  So many great things can come out of trying times. 

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Painting again!

I should be painting the bedroom right now, but I'm not.  I'm reading articles on CNN.com about nothing important and watching episodes of Hoarders on Netflix to make me feel better about myself.  LOL!

I feel even worse because I have yet to post pictures of all of my hard work in the spare bedroom anywhere!  Not here, not FB, no where.  I'm embarrassed.  I painted and touched up and had an epic battle of me VS bookshelf-- which I lost and thus spent two weeks without the use of my left arm, thus the master bedroom having not been painted yet--- but I still haven't purchased shelves or picture frames... It means that my wall to wall bookshelves look amazing!  But the desk and floor still have stuff piled on them that need to go on shelves.

I will take pictures tomorrow and then take pictures of the master bedroom when I'm done and get it all posted.  Seems a shame to spend that much time on something and not show it off.

Aside from painting, we have no plans for the bedroom, so it will purely be a picture of the color, but it will be something.  And if I have extra time, I'm going to tackle the entry way too.  Can't wait to do that! The random assortment of test colors all over the place have been driving me nuts!!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Don't know what you got till it's gone....

This week was a lesson in patience for me.  I'm not a patient person by nature.  I'm an excited person.  I'm a nervous person.

So, I busied myself this week while waiting to hear if I got a job I really, really, REALLY!!!!!!!!!! wanted.

I had a meeting with my doc this week about getting me nose fixed.  Stupid deviated septum came in handy as a major distraction, but only for a short time.  I couldn't schedule the surgery because of not knowing about the job.  That sorta brought my anxiety to the forefront yesterday.

I really want to get my nose fixed.  It's a pain to be congested all the time.  It sucks to not be able to breath, but I'm terrified of general anesthesia.  I know the risks a little too well, given that it's something I do for a living... Couple that with being unsure about a job... UGH!

I have put off applying other places in hopes of getting said job...

But, it's 5:17pm on Friday.  They told me they would have a decision made by Friday (today) at the latest.  I think my ability to hold out hope is officially diminished.

I have other options... I have a few other other opportunities... I just really wanted this one.

I guess it's true.  Sometimes you don't know how badly you want something until you don't get it/lose it.

It's not that I felt like my interview earlier in the week went fabulously.  It went OK.  I've felt better in the past about interviews, but I really wanted the job.  I would have loved it!

I'm very disappointed.

I guess it's onward and upward.  I'm sure I'll find something else that I will love just as much.  

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I need to dance in the rain

Well, I had a spurt of wonderful for a bit.  I was feeling pretty good about things and then the clouds that were looming so closely in the background, rolled in.

Let me start at the semi-beginning.

I really wanted this job I applied for, but was offered my "current" job first.  Being that I was unemployed, I had no choice but to take it.  I thought I might be happy there.  Then, it started to feel like I wasn't welcome. I was being paranoid, but did it seem like I was in trouble all the time but no one would tell me why?  Then the management issues started to come to light.  Like a manager who tells you to do something that is just plain, poor medicine.  Ah, well, policy is policy. But things continue to go down hill, no matter how hard I tried to be nice and get along with everyone.  Then I find out that everyone I work with hates it there and is actively trying to leave!!!  So, I do what I have to do and quit.

So, this all happens.  I'm sure many of you read some of my vague posts about it.

Well, Monday, they fired the best doctor we had using the weakest argument possible.  Then, later that night, one of our managers sent out an incredibly offensive, inappropriate, not to mention unprofessional email.  I won't get to far into it, but it was an entire page of self serving BS about how much she sacrifices for us and why can't we do the same.  And how SHE keeps us employed.  She is just a manager, not an owner, mind you.  She tried to make us feel guilty that we weren't spending more time away from our families to be more dedicated to the hospital and tried to make us feel like if we didn't our jobs would be in jeopardy.  I'm not kidding.  So, I was glad I left.

However, Monday, I was trying to work out a time to do a second interview at the job I had originally wanted.  They are still hiring and interested in me.  But I was having a hard time and had some other personal things going on.  So, I ended up having to call into work to deal with all of this and the fact that my car had to be fixed (I ended up in the shop for over three hours!!!)  All this added up to me having to take yesterday off too.  At which point my manager called me and said that she didn't think I needed to finish my two weeks.

She called my assistant, who put in her notice the same day, did and said the same thing.  Whatever.  It as a lot like a temper tantrum.  She is still pretty mad that when she asked why I was leaving, I told her the truth.  I did it nicely, but I was honest.  In that conversation she said she wished we could have worked it out.  I mentioned issues with a number of lead techs, one in particular, which treated me poorly.  She said that she felt she could have helped me and this girl work it out.

Cut back to yesterday.  Given that I'm now fully unemployed, I went to have drinks with some old co-workers.  I was informed in that conversation that they weren't surprised I was told to not finish my two weeks (it's not really uncommon for employers to do that), but the reason got to me.

That lead tech who was always mean to me for no reason?  She was actively trying to get me fired!!!!!  For what, no one could tell me.  I never messed up on the job, I was always on time, and until this week had never asked for a single day off. I was polite, I never yelled at anyone, I have no clue what on earth she would have wanted me fired for.  And the fact that my MANAGER told me that she thought her and I could have talked about our situation and worked it out is even more irritating.  She knew this girl was actively trying to get me fired, but told me we could work it out?  Seriously?  So, it wasn't just this girl, or even the general staff that is two faced, back stabbing liars, but the management as well.

One of the doctors told me that this girl would go to them and ask how I was doing and how I was working out.  When they all said it was going well and that I was good, she would ask them if they were sure about that.  GEESH!

I'm so done with people like that.  I spent my time there thinking it was a little cliquey and I had trouble communicating with management and that it stressed me out too much to stay.  Now, I come to find out that it's not just cliquey, they are all back stabbers.  This girl actively tried to be nice to me sometimes.  She asked me how things were going and I told her that I was struggling with the day staff (not in any way other to say that.) I then told her that I constantly felt like I was doing something wrong, but no one every seemed to tell me.  That that is the feeling I got from them.  I told her I felt like people would tell me, at least the doctors would, if I was messing up, but no one had.  She just smiled.  She didn't say, "yes, I think you are messing up and don't think you should work here."  She said nothing.  But was secretly trying to get me fired.  And not a single person can think of something I have done that would warrant that, other than this girl is on a power trip.

I'm trying to not let it get to me, but that, coupled with a number of other things in our lives, is making it hard to deal with the clouds, let alone the rain that seems to be pouring on my life right now.

I need to learn to dance in the rain and not let the stresses of things I can't do anything about get to me.  I'm just soft.  And I'm hurt that people act that way.  I'm upset that ADULTS act that way.  I'm hurt that someone would be so mean.  You would think that I would be used to that by now, being an adult who has lived in this world so long...

I just need to put my big girl panties on, say "screw it" to them, and move forward in my galoshes and and jump in the puddles.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

No turning back now...

Well, I found awesome plane tickets to London last month.  I went to check them out again the other day and they had DOUBLED in price in just 30 days!!!!

My heart sank.  We can't afford a ton for airfare and by the time we enough to make that work, they will have gone up again!   :(  We talked at length about this sad turn of events, my husband and I.  I remembered that last month, on a whim, I had checked the price to visit earlier in the year and it was cheaper.  We decided to check those dates.  They were cheaper, but not amazing.  Until I decided to check one stop flights.

We usually don't have stops when we fly because I am NOT, in any way shape or form, a good flyer.  I get sick, I have issues with my ears, I can't sleep, I have issues with the pressure in the cabin etc.  So, the sooner we get our feet on the ground for good, the better.  Usually.  I had previously tried to check one stop flights and most wanted us to lay over for an entire day somewhere.  And no where was any good.  Who wants to lay over for a day in Dallas?  Why not Scotland?  LOL!

But I found a great flight yesterday, whith a short layover in Iceland for an AMAZING price (as in 50% of what they were to go 6 weeks later!!!!).  The layover is only 2 hours, and it's right near the middle of the flight, so it will be a good break.  It gives us enough time to grab a snack and see some fun Icelandic souvenirs, but we won't be stuck there for too long.  We agreed that it was a happy medium.  Hopefully, it won't make me horribly upset to get back on the plane... Though I supposed vacationing in Iceland wouldn't be horrible.  HAHA!

So, today, I purchased the tickets.  There is no turning back now.  I am officially going to London, taking a day trip to Paris and maybe hitting Scotland for 14 consecutive days for my anniversary next year!!!!  I'm terrified and excited all at once!!!!  I've never been farther than Canada, and really, the last time I went there was when we could still drive over the boarder with just our drivers license.  And it's only a three hour drive away, so I don't think it counts.

Whew!!  Now, to get our passports, find a way to afford luggage (which we don't own), get some clothes (which both the hubs and I really need) in time for the trip, pay for Christmas, ball and my conference which is next month.... HHMMM.  It's a good thing I financially plan all year for stuff like this, or I might be freaking out a little.   Ok, I'm still freaking out, but a lot less than I would be if I hadn't been planning all year.

HOLY COW!!!!  I think I'm going to be having daily panic attacks for the next 5 months!!!!!!  Did I mention I'm actually pretty afraid to fly?  Why did I want to do this again?  Please remind me that it's going to be the trip of a life time and that our plane is not going to go down somewhere over the Atlantic.  

Friday, September 16, 2011

Happy Birthday!!!!

I would like to wish a happy birthday to my baby boy who is one year today and is dopey and spazy as ever!

Happy birthday to my little fur baby.  :)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

I feel pretty

Oh so pretty!!!

Because I just bought this to wear to ball this year!!!!!

No matter how crappy you feel, buying a pretty ball gown usually makes it better.  :)

I hate dress shopping and I'm always torn between buying a big ball gown like this because it's a good excuse to, or buying something sleek and elegant.  Luckily for me, ball usually has a whole mix of choices, from trendy short prom dresses, to cocktail dresses, to elegant, to ball gown.

I usually don't like to stick out, so I always feel scared when I buy something like I did today.  I'm always scared that one year I'm going to show up and be the only one looking fancy.  LOL!  But usually, I fit right in.  

I usually try to go a little bit more subdued than this, but it was just sorta fun and I am trying to break out of my comfort zone a little and try something new.  Though, I did have them remove a layer of fluff from the underneath.  I like ball gown, but I was feeling a bit uncomfortable with it being quite so pouffy.  

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My confidence is shot

I went to a job interview that seemed to go really well.  The whole time I was there it seemed awesome!

But then, on the drive home, I got anxious.  I felt like calling them and telling them that they shouldn't hire me because I probably will suck at the job.  They talked about the close knit staff and I wondered if they will like me... I immediately assumed they won't.  The person told me that they are more concerned with someone who will fit in,  skills they can teach, but not that.  I have a strong feeling they would let me go if they felt I didn't fit in.

After I put in my notice at work, it got a surprising and not so surprising response.  The docs all seemed very sad to see me go and told me what a good tech I am.  One called me a "ray of sunshine."  That was pretty great.  One told me that she felt I might be the most helpful tech there.  That was AWESOME!  And the group/clique that seems to plague the place said nothing.  They didn't even say hello to me when I showed up to work yesterday.  And only spoke to me when they had to.  I shouldn't be surprised.  And it sorta confirmed what I had known already.  But I was nice to hear from SOMEONE, that not everyone thinks I suck at my job.

A co-worker told another that I was leaving and that part of it was that I felt unwelcome and incompetent all the time... The person she told said she felt that most everyone else liked me and that she thought I was a good tech too.

It sucks because, though it's nice to hear, I just don't feel it anymore.  The time I spent at this hospital has made me question if I want to be a vet tech because I feel like I must not have been very good.

The last place I worked, I was new, it was hard because everyone had worked together for SOOOO LONG and I was the new guy that was still trying to fit in.  There were some not so nice people, which happens anywhere there is a large enough staff, but nothing too awful.  And the only reason I usually felt like I sucked was because I was still learning.  Most people did not make me feel incompetent (though one did, I was told it wasn't personal, just her personality when I talked to my supervisor about it).  I can deal with not fitting in a little (who fits in right away anyway?  Most people don't), but I would rather feel dumb because I'm learning new things, than be treated like I'm not a capable of doing my job, but never being told if I can do it better.

I'm sad I was laid off.  I'm pissed that I was told I needed surgery, only to be told I don't now.  I'm feeling down because that little thing my doc said ruined a good thing I had at my last job.  But now I feel like I probably shouldn't be a vet tech and that I should find something else to do with my life.

I have no confidence anymore.  I'm not the best tech in the world, I'm new to being licensed, but at least I used to feel like I could learn... I used to feel like I at least had the basics down.  Now, I feel like I probably don't even have those down, let alone the ability to master new skills.

I just need to take a deep breath and try again.  I'm just scared of taking a new job and letting everyone there down....  Part of me feels like at least I would know I'm letting people down if I stayed put.  :(  

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

One Secret to Share

So, I know I posted about a lot of stuff I couldn't say out loud.

Here's one of them.

I quit my job yesterday.  I couldn't post about it, and I can't post much about it now.  But suffice it to say, that I wasn't being sensitive about the clique problem, many other's noticed it too.  It hasn't and probably won't get better.

To make matters worse, there are significant other issues with this place and thus I had decided to interview at the place I had been talking to when I took my current job.  I couldn't announce that.  The original plan was to see about the other job and if I didn't get it, stay where I was.  Then this weekend happened.  :(  Things got so bad that I just couldn't deal.  I talked it over with the hubs and we decided that I should quit and find something better.

I don't think I should have to work somewhere that causes anxiety attacks just at the thought of having to work there...  I deserve to be treated with respect.  I may not be an AMAZING tech, but I'm a decent one who wants to learn.  I deserve to be treated well.

So, that is part of what is going on in this crazy, hectic life right now.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

How it changed EVERYTHING

Everyone is posting about where they were 10 years ago today.   FB is filled with these statements.

10 years ago, I was just a kid.  I was just a kid, dating a guy who was a jerk, not knowing what to do with my life, watching a second plane hit a building.  I didn't know what the Twin Towers were.  I had never even heard of them, but I knew by the way the news reporters talked about it, they were important.

I heard the rumor that another plane hit the pentagon.  I heard another plane went down in a field and they didn't know if it was related.  I heard that all the terrorist groups refused to take credit.  I watch the TV screen, I worried about my uncle in New York, I worried about a friend I knew was in the military somewhere on the east coast.  I knew the world had changed....

But 10 years ago, I was a dumb kid who didn't want to keep hearing about it.  I was a dumb kid who didn't understand that hearing about over and over, days on end, terrified me because the nation I once knew, wasn't as safe as I thought.

10 years ago, I had no idea that this one horrific event, that changed our nation, that changed the world, that I watch pass me by in slow motion, would be something that would shape the rest of my life.

I had no idea I would meet a Marine 5 years later, then marry him.  I had no idea that, while so many of my friends would only remember the events in New York on the the anniversary, I would think of them almost everyday for an entire year, wondering what life would be like, if my husband wasn't fighting the war that day started.

I remember where I was 10 years ago.  I remember the room, the people, what the TV looked like, who I called, when I had finally heard my uncle was ok.  I remember.  But I don't find that to be important.  What I find to be important are those who's whole lives have been shaped around that single day.  Those who have to spend their whole lives wondering "what if." What if it hadn't happened.  The first responders who have to live with what they saw and had to do for the rest of their lives... And the families who have to live the rest of their lives without the people who did make it out of the buildings.

10 years later, where I was seems so trivial compared to how my whole life is shaped around that single day.  How my whole life has been effected directly by it.  And there are so many who have had their lives effected so much more than I have.

It's hard to believe it's already been 10 years.  It's very strange to me to think back to what I was doing at 18 years old and how I had no concept of how that day would change my life forever.  I had no clue that what I was watching in an awe inspiring horror would ultimately change the course of my life.  I had no idea that 10 years later, it would be as fresh in my mind as it was the day after it happened because I think of it so often.

And all I can do, is sit here and wonder what my life would have been like if it hadn't happened at all... And all I can do is cry inside as my heart breaks for all of those people who lost everything in an instant. For all of those families who's worlds collapsed in an instant.  To all of our service men and women and their families who paid the ultimate price to fight the war that that day started.

My thoughts are with all of those who are still suffering.  My prayers go out to them.  And to all of those who's lives are still effected everyday by what happened today, 10 years ago.

I was just a kid, who didn't understand how one day could effect the whole course of my life... Let alone the whole course of history.  And 10 years later, I'm still struggling to understand.  10 years later, it's still amazing to me how one day changed everything.

Friday, September 9, 2011


Sometimes, in spite of the rough times we might be having, we are lucky.

I'm lucky to have a husband who wants to work on our marriage.  And who loves me, in spite of my faults.

I'm lucky to to have job prospects.  Even if one of them isn't always ideal.  Many do not have that.

I'm lucky to have a house.  Noisy, rude neighbors or not, I am not in danger of losing said house any time soon.  Many are not so lucky.

I'm lucky to have wonderful, healthy pups.  Pains in my butt they may be, but they love me.  And they are not seriously, terminally ill.

I'm lucky to be alive.  Health issues aside, frustration with pain aside, I'm lucky to be here at all.

I'm lucky to have the few people I can call friends in my life.  Though I can only count my true friends on one hand, I'm lucky to even have that many, when so many feel they have none.

I'm lucky.  Things are tough for everyone right now.  There is something in the wind.  And I may be waking up in pain, and stressed, and tired, and sad, but the point is that I'm waking up at all.  And things in my life are not perfect.  They are not everything I want them to be, or even that they could be, but they are enough.  And that is all I can ask for.

To all of you having a rough time now, to those in pain, to those who miss their loved ones, to those in need, I'm thinking of you.  I'm praying for you.  I'm sending love out into the universe in hopes that you can sense it.

To all of you that I know, who might be suffering in some way, or who are having a rough time of your own, I'm sending you the same love.  And I hope that you know that things will improve.  Life may not always turn out the way you think it should, but things have a way of working themselves out.  I hope you know that.  I'm wishing for you all the greatness you deserve out of life.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Not much I can tell you....

I haven't been on blogger lately.

There is not much I can tell you.  Given that I don't know for sure who all reads this at any given moment, I have some stuff in the works and going on, but I'm not sure if I can speak publicly about any of it.  Though, I don't share too many personal details that would identify me out right, I have emailed some of you from my personal account VS my blogger email account.  So, that means some of you know who I am, and that whole a friend of a friend of a friend thing is a bit iffy with all that has been going on in my life.

I have a big change that might be blowing in the wind.  I have a big surprise- which I hope to be able to share in a few weeks.  And I am having an issue with my neighbor...

That one I can give a gist on-- We've owned our house for two years, and a neighbor we have has suddenly become a pain in our ass.  So much so that it has put our plans on a fast track to get out of our house.

We had originally only planned on being here for 5-7 years, but we got comfortable and happy and had decided that we might stay longer.  Well, now we are on a, "get the hell out of here and away from neighbors that are too close or have the ability to make your life hell" plan.  It sucks, but at least if we didn't have a Home Owners Association, our neighbor couldn't be a dick about everything... Everyone else just wants to get along and understands that we are all humans.  And he doesn't seem to understand that actual by laws we live by.  Such as, your pets can't bark too much and bother others.  Fair enough.  He doesn't like our dogs, so he complains (but only recently).  But the rules also say you can't park in the street except for immediate loading and unloading purposes.  Which I'm sure doesn't include washing your car and thus blocking me in when I'm trying to get out of my garage...  I'm not interested in playing douche bag games with a guy who we have experienced to be a bit of a moron- it's a long story, but sadly, it's not just me being rude, he's kinda a moron.  And, considering he's the loudest neighbor we have ever had, even when we lived in a crappy apartment, it's sorta crazy to me that he was mad my dog barked one time.  I was woken up at 8am today (remember I work until 2am and don't go to bed until 3 or 4) by him and his kid stomping so loudly that it woke me out of a dead sleep.  GGRRR!

Stupid neighbors.  And what sucks is that we have never said a word to our HOA about him vacuuming at 7am on a Saturday, or the fact that it sounds like they are moving furniture at 11pm for an hour every night.

Anyhoo, I'm probably going to get in a world of trouble for that being posted, but the rest really can't be shared.  So, for the time being, the bulk of my life is a secret.  Which sucks, because I have NO ONE to really talk to about it.  And since I don't have my blog now... (for the time being) I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed and in desperate need of an outlet!

But there just isn't much I can tell you... For now.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Is it possible to have too well of a trained dog?

So, my little one is a Min Pin.  We have accepted many of her not quite perfect executions of her commands because it has taken us three years to get this far.  Example- when I tell her to "down," she doesn't put her elbows all the way on the ground.  But it took me three years of training to get her to even bend them to begin with, so I call that a win.  She used to just stick her legs straight out in front of her, no bend in the elbows, in a half down, half sit.

Our big kid on the other hand, though a pain in the butt to train, we couldn't afford to have him be that way.  He's just too big.  Plus, he's a doberman.  If not well trained to listen, we would be in big trouble.  He executes most everything perfectly.

Both my dogs understand that basics- sit, down, crate, place (it's the same a go to your bed), wait, stay, no, that's enough (to stop barking or excessive behaviors), off, and leave it.  They both also walk on the leash at a right here, which is a semi heel position.

The Big Kid also shakes, rolls over, plays dead, high fives and drops it (a ball or toys).  The Little One, high fives, touches (touching her nose to my hand) and goes to the couch on command.

They both understand that all commands are done until released, though we still use the stay and wait commands.  This means, they can be pet and get treats, but they must continue to hold the command until we release them with an OK.

Well trained pups!!!

So, my husband and I decided to buy a tricks book to help them continue to learn and to continue to stimulate them mentally.

Today, I decided to teach The Little One to dance.  She has the basic concept down now.  She stands on her hind legs and follows the treat in a circle.  That one will take some time.  :)  I also decided to test how they would respond to learning to beg.  That is a tough one because they have to learn a good deal of balance.

Neither of my dogs would do it.  I put them in a sit and tried to get them to follow the treat up in the air, but they wouldn't unplant their front legs.  Even if I tried to help.  They are so well trained, that they won't learn to beg because lifting their feet in the air to follow a treat would be breaking the sit command.  LOL!

Who would have thought that would come back to bite me in the butt?  So, now I have to figure out how to train my dogs to beg without them thinking they are breaking commands... HHMMM!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Do you want the good news? Or bad news first?

Hello, my name is A Girl.  I'm a bit neurotic, a little high strung, but a whole lot of laughs if you let me be.  :)

I enjoy poking fun at what I'm pretty sure are secret blonde roots under my head of black hair.  I LOVE poking fun at my friends if they can poke back.  I rarely say serious things to people and love nothing more than a good joke I can share with my friends and husband.

So, what's the good joke today?

Today I saw my seventh (yes, count them- General practitioner,  Neurologist, ENT, Allergist, General Surgeon, Gastric Surgeon, ENT- for just nasal stuff, and ENT for just ears) doctor.  I have had four specialty tests done, two nasal scopes and, today I had a microscopic ear examination bilaterally.  This all translates to thousands of dollars my insurance has paid, and more out of pocket than I care to know...  I will have a final tally financially when I get my next bill.

The final conclusion?  The deviated septum (which was originally "slight" according to the first ENT) needs surgical correction and in theory will fix the congestion issues that I spent that last 10 years being told were allergies- until the allergist proved that incorrect a few months ago.  The ear pain?  TMJ.  Which I have had for ages and wear a bite guard for at night.  The ENT doc today said that he thinks, for reasons unknown, my TMJ suddenly flared up horribly and caused the ear pain that I had months ago.  He said this prolonged intermitted pain is likely the same thing, just less.  Oh, and I have hearing loss.  Which I already knew.

The super fun explanation?  I have such severe scar tissue on my ear drums from a childhood problem with chronic ear infections that I have circular scars that appear to look like bubbles (indicating fluid in the ears).  And the doc said it would be impossible to distinctly tell that without his fancy ear microscope.

So, basically the news today was, "You have TMJ, hearing loss and deviated septum!  Congrasts, these are things you already knew!"

Am I being punked?

So, I guess the good news is, I'm not dying, it's not a tumor, it's nothing serious, it's nothing to worry about.  The bad news is, I've paid a fortune to be told something that my dentist could probably have told me at my next 6 month check up, I still have to have surgery- though much more minor surgery than before, and there is nothing they can do for me.  I just have to live with the pain.

It's a good thing I love life enough to live in pain for the rest of it!  LOL!