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A Boy, A Girl, and The Marine Corps: A Love Triangle: July 2011

A Boy, A Girl, and The Marine Corps: A Love Triangle

"I cast my lot with a Marine and where he was, was home to me." ~ Anonymous.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Waiting, Anxious, Cleaning...

So, I woke up today with a surge of ambition to finally clean the house.  My arm still hurst a fair amount, but really, it's more my joints.  I checked in with my doc yesterday and she assured me it's par for the course seeing as I had a bookcase thing fall on me.

Back to this AM- I decided to clean the house.  Not just clean, but CLEAN!!!!  I scrubbed, dusted, vacuumed and polished every surface.  Just as I was about to finish the upstairs and start vacuuming the stairs that would lead me downstairs, my phone rang.  Nothing important, but it caused me to pause and check my email.  Which led me to an email asking me for a phone interview.  Which caused me to email back that I was available today.

I went back to cleaning, but now had my phone on me just in case.  As I sat for a lunch break, it rang.

Now, I normally interview very well.  So well, that I feel like I might actually be a disappointment as an actual employee.  HAHA!  I never lie, I'm very honest about my strengths and weaknesses, but I'm also eager to learn, and am a pretty positive person.... Of course, y'all can't base this on my blog because I whine here ALOT!!!  But that is because it is actually one of the only places I do that, the other would be to my husband.

However, due to the quickness in which this interview happened, I do not feel that great about it.  I don't feel like I had my game face on.  I feel like I was unprepared.  This would probably be because at no point this morning did I think I had an interview, so I wasn't fully in interview mode.  I also didn't know if the person was going to email me with a specific time that she would call, or just call.  She opted for the latter.  :)

Luckily, I had the whole second floor of my house to clean.  This means, I have had very little time to focus on what a fool I think I might have made myself look like.  So, now, I'm anxiously awaiting the contact to let me know if I will be one of the lucky people invited in for an interview in person.  I really hope I am, it's a great hospital and a really good opportunity.  Not to mention, I would love the position.  But I'm also a firm believe in things will happen as they should.  Sometimes the best things that happen in life are the disappointments that ultimately lead to better things... We shall see what this turns out to be.

But just in case, send some good juju my way that the interviewer liked me!!!  

Monday, July 25, 2011

Tell Me if I'm Crazy...

Four years ago, my husband was turning 25 and feeling bummed about it.  I don't really understand why, but he seemed to feel like it was some turning point in getting old.  I wanted to do something nice for him, so I planned a very expensive, very large, surprise party for him.

I bought luau themed decorations and got permission from his family to use a house they own that is on an island in the sound and is on the beach.  A group of us went over the day before (which requires riding a ferry) and decorated the house.  I borrowed tables from my parents, I purchased ferry tickets for all of our friends to make it easier for them to come, my parents bought a lot of the food as his gift and I bought a BBQ as his gift and our friends put it together.

It's not the most expensive BBQ in the world, but it's a nice one.  We transported it back to our apartment after.  This happens to be the weekend we got engaged, as well.  My husband had been planning it, but decided that any girl who was going to put that much effort into something to make him feel better, should get snatched up ASAP.  :)  Did I mention I also hired him strippers?  LOL!

Well, we have had that grill ever since.  We use it all summer long.  But he won't take care of it.  I finally cleaned it and got a cover for it when we lived at our apartment.  But he still didn't take great care of it.  Now that we own a house, it's on our deck.  It is in the elements all year long, we don't have a covered area like we did at our apartment.

Last week I got fed up with the fact that, yet again, it hadn't been covered and it has been raining off and on for weeks.  I picked a warm, sunny day, and cleaned the outside of it, shook off the cover and covered it again.  I then had a conversation with the hubs about how frustrated I am that he doesn't take care of the grill.  He waits days to clean it, which makes it impossible to get clean, and thus damages the cleaning tools, then he complains that he needs new cleaning tools... again.  Last night, we had a friend over and BBQ'd some chicken.

This is what the grill looked like this AM:

Yes, that would be water on (and in) it.  It has been raining all morning.  And yes, that would be a grill surface that hasn't been cleaned yet.  He didn't even bother to close the damn thing.  And now, the inside of the cover is all wet and dirty, again, after I cleaned all of this last week.

Am I crazy for being upset about this?

1.  He is always looking at those super fancy grills, including the ones that are built into your backyard and drooling.
2.  I bought him this grill as a gift that I thought was very thoughtful and nice.

There is no way I'm ever going to buy a new grill after he destroys this one.  And I am 100% not even willing to entertain the idea of getting some fancy grill if he won't even take care of this one.  And I'm a bit insulted that I spent a decent amount of money on this (at a time when I was working part time and we weren't married, and I was a little on the broke side) and he won't even bother to take BASIC care of it.  I had to plan months in advance and save like crazy to buy this grill and plan/pay for that party.  And this is how he treats the gift I got him.

I do feel like I have a valid reason to be pissed that this is a constant, on going problem, that we keep talking about... But am I being too sensitive?  Am I over reacting?

I would love to hear all of your thoughts.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


I had a very good interview yesterday.  I'm pretty excited.

In spite of my previous job offering to potentially let me come back, I haven't gotten a response from them about my inquiry into that very thing.  Ah, Well.  Such is life.

But I had a great interview.  It doesn't hurt that I have decent experience and a friend who works there.  :)  I also have a good job lead at another place a friend works.  I'm just waiting for the official job posting next week.  :)

I'm still very scared about my doctors appointment, but I feel like having a job to go to everyday will help keep my mind off of things.  And it will be very nice to have income again.  

Monday, July 18, 2011

Happy Monday!!!

A few things to be happy about today:

1.  I'm meeting a friend for coffee who I haven't seen in ages!
2.  Got three good job leads now that I don't have to have major abdominal surgery.
3. Arm still hurts, but is feeling better enough that I can FINALLY pick up the house!  :)
4. #3 is worth mentioning again.
5. It's sunny in the Seattle area!  I'm sure it won't last long, but a little sun is something.

Happy Monday!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Reality Check!

A League of Her Own: Military Wife Complaints: "zSo, do you guys know the military spouse that complains about EVERYTHING: TriCare, MyCAA, employment opportunities, housing, MP, neighbors,..."

First off- I love this bloggy girl! I've been a follower for a number of years. Second? I'm so guilty of this sometimes it's not even funny. It's actually quite pathetic and sad.

I'm not kidding. I'm owning this flaw! You can read through my post from the years and see so many that are me complaining about Tricare or some other aspect of military life. It's true, you will also see ones where I am praising it, loving it, sad that we aren't AD, or simply being proud of my husbands service. Heck, my blog is called Deployment Woes and military life (good and bad aspects) are plastered all over it. But really, we can all use the reminder that this life isn't all bad.

Tricare makes my life harder in many ways, but it's free and was much needed when my husband deployed last time and I didn't have a job or health insurance of my own. It sucks when this, that or the other thing related to duty gets in the way of my plans. It bums me out that my husband misses my birthday, Christmas, or our anniversary (or all of them in a year, two years in a row!) I get tired of our pay getting screwed up, I get tired of last minute this, that or the other thing... And sometimes I get really tired of, "the only constant is change." It makes it very hard to make plans sometimes.

But you want to know the truth? The truth that I do remember every now and then? This life ROCKS!!! I wouldn't have it any other way. I know I have said it before, but I knew what I signed up for. And if I knew then, what I know now? I'd still walk down that aisle in a heart beat. I'm proud of my husband. I'm amazed at the woman this life has shaped me into. I'm truly amazed at some of the amazing women I have met who are the best, strongest wives I'll ever know.

We all complain. I complain here because I don't have anyone who would understand in my outside life. Trust me, I've tried to explain it, but civilians just don't understand... And frankly, sometimes they just piss me off! But, we can all use a little reminder sometimes that life is what we make of it. So you have to quit you job every few years. Every few years you get to experience a new place, a different culture, and sometimes a completely different country. So, your pay gets screwed up. There are a lot of organizations out there that want to help you. Most civilians can't boast that. So, you move a lot. You either get free housing or a housing allowance. Civilians should be so lucky!! So maybe this life isn't a bed of roses (which I assume have thorns included, thus don't really understand the saying), this life definitely isn't for everyone, but it's not all bad. Sometimes, we just need a kick in the butt to remember that... Or a lovely blogger to remind me. :)

Oh, and I've been doing a lot of bitching lately about doctors and my health, but the rest of my life isn't all that bad either. :)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

I would like the Special-ist

So, I met with the very specifically trained, special surgeon at UW today.

I LOVE him.  He is not doing the surgery either, but not for the same reasons.  1. He actually believed me when I told him I have pain/issues and reflux.  2.  He didn't assume that because a test data sheet said I was "normal" that the test was 100% correct.  3. He listened to me.  4.  He agreed that something was wrong.

He said I do have reflux issues but that they weren't surgical.  The reason being that the discomfort and complications of surgery were not worth it.  He said I have reflux and it's a problem, but that the surgery wouldn't make a significant enough difference in my symptoms to be worth all the stuff that comes with it.  He said that he only likes to do the surgery when the discomfort is truly high.  Makes sense to me.

But he also said he thinks there is more going on and that he feels it's "a complicated issue that needs more specialized attention," and that it's not as "black and white" as my other doctors are making it out to be.  He is referring me to another otolaryngologist.  But one at UW.  He said he feels that it's not that "nothing is wrong," it's that I probably haven't seen the right doctor who knows to run the right test. He said ENT's and such are usually a specialist, but they only see "normal" stuff.  So when someone like me comes along, with symptoms that don't make sense, they assume it's not their issue and send me to someone else.  But at UW, the specialist all have sub-specialties.  My surgeon for example is a surgeon, but he only does esophageal and gastric surgeries.  So, he's sending me to an ENT at UW, so that I can see someone who specializes in just what is wrong with me.  That way, it's more likely that they can find a root cause.

On the one hand, I'm happy.  I'm happy that I am getting closer to having an answer.  On the other hand, I still don't have answers.  I still don't know what is wrong.  And I'm still unemployed as a result of all of this.  It's a mixed bag.

I'm also slightly terrified that something is REALLY wrong with me.  As in, really, really, not ok.  Reflux causing a bit of pain is one thing.  That is wrong, but a normal sort of wrong.  Lots of people have reflux.  But I have a mystery diagnosis that is causing fluid in my ears and congestion and sinus pain... What if it's something really bad.  Like a tumor or some crazy disease or some crazy autoimmune something!?  I'm all kinds of anxious right now.  I'm trying to not think of things like that, but I can't help it when normal medical reason has failed me.

Either way, I'm on my way to an answer.  Good or bad, I just want to know.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I Want....

I'm not normally sappy...  I don't usually get very sentimental... But this video is super cute and kinda just makes my heart melt.  :)

Makes me want to go out and get a kitten or two...

Sunday, July 10, 2011

When Furniture Fights Back...

So, the spare room is all painted.  I have been working on getting it all put back.  Friday, I realized that I needed to make another trip to Ikea.  Ran down there to get another book case and some other things...

Saturday, I had a wedding reception to hit.  We woke up in the AM with plans to work on the spare room etc only to find our boy had explosive diarrhea all over the walls and floor!  He didn't even bark to tell us he needed to go out.  So, I had to take him to vet, which turned into a two hour ordeal because they were running behind.  Turns out to be a totally treatable, not big thing.  But this now meant we were two hours late to the reception.  Luckily, the bride and groom are very good friends of ours, with a new puppy, so they understood.  :)

But, we got out of there late, then got dinner, to come home exhausted.  Then, when the big kid was on his evening walk, his ear started to bleed.  We had just taped them again, and it was bleeding under the tape.  I tried to get the tape off to see what was up and tissue came with it.  So, we ended up at the ER because my adhesive remover is (literally) in the mail.  It's due to arrive Tuesday or Wednesday.  So, we hit the ER to utilize their adhesive remover and skin glue.  The girl wrapped his ear to his head to help keep him from shaking it and causing it to bleed again.  I still don't know why it was bleeding to begin with, but the bandage didn't hold.  I hate to judge other techs, but she didn't put elasticon around the edges.  That is elastic tape that holds bandages in place and keeps them from sliding.  So, this AM, I used some roll gauze I have and some tape and redid his bandage.  He looks ridiculous, but it just needs to last until he stops bleeding and can really heal over.

So, I woke up this morning exhausted from the last week, in spite of having slept for 11 hours.  I finally got moving, and decided I would only do once coat of paint in the master bedroom so that I could build my little bookshelf and at least get the spare room mostly finished.


I got the bookshelf put together and was trying to see where it would fit and look nice.  I set it against a wall and bent down to push some boxes out of the way, when the bookshelf fell on me.  I yelled and the hubs came running.  It took out my whole left arm and started to swell immediately.  I iced the main injury and noticed my hand was swelling too.  Fast.  So, we ran downstairs to make a bowl of ice water to get my hand in so that I could potentially get my rings off.  Which I did.  Thank Goodness!  But everything continued to swell.  I iced, rested, took anti-inflammatories.  You name it.  Two hours later, I still couldn't move my arm, my fingers, or make a fist.  So, we ended up in the ER.

The doc said he would call if the radiologist decided anything was broken, but that he thought it was just a really wicked soft tissue injury.  As in, I'm swollen from my shoulder to my fingers.  I still can't bend my arm, and I still can't make a fist...  But I can type, sort of.  It's painful to do, but I can do it.  And my arm is lumpy and I have huge bruises.  The doc even gave me a note saying I had to take it easy and "be restricted to light duty or ONE ARMED activities for the next 4-7 days."  LOL!  I'm not kidding.  He really said "one armed activities."
This isn't a great pic of my upper arm, but you can see the extra sexy bruise starting to set in.  And if you look at it from the side, it's all lumpy.  Lucky for me, the sling they told me to wear for the next week hits/rubs the upper part of the large bruise.  :(

So, the bedroom won't be getting painted, the spare room will only get finished if I can figure out how to do it one handed, and I will have to explain to the surgeon on Wednesday what happened.

Friday, July 8, 2011


Well, last week was my first week being unemployed and the hubs was still out in the field.  I clean and what not, but was generally bored.

When the hubs got home Thursday night, we decided to do a whole lot.  It finally started to get legitimately warm in the Seattle area and I discovered that I have lost enough weight to feel good, but not enough to fit into my summer clothes.  So, we decided to take advantage of the 4th of July sales.  I got a bunch of new clothes and am feeling so much more confident that I don't look fat.  :)  And we didn't even spend a fortune.  The hubs got some stuff too.

Then we tested paint samples in our bedroom and entry.  But after we discovered an amazing deal at Lowe's for appliances.  We went for paint and came out with a new dishwasher and microwave!  LOL!  We have a Lowe's credit card, one of the few we have kept.  The reason is because we can get interest free financing on it.  Though financial experts will advise you against things like that, my hubs and I have purchased all of our big ticket items (HD big screen TV, washer and dryer, and now dishwasher and microwave) using this feature at various places and have always paid them off in time to not pay the interest.  We just buy things we know we can afford to pay off in time.  Such as, I know we can pay $100 a month for 9 months to pay off the various items we got at Lowe's, which is in half the amount of time our interest free financing runs.  :)

We had a birthday party for our friend who's birthday is actually the 4th of July.  I agreed to paint the spare bedroom and master bedroom this week and the hubs decided, that since I'm painting the spare bedroom, we should take the opportunity to get the shelves we've wanted.

So, my week has been:
Thursdays- dinner with the hubs
Friday- clothes shopping (which took all freaking day because I hate shopping and needed a dress for a wedding reception to boot!)
Saturday- Lowe's to get paint, which turned into hours of appliance shopping, paint samples, getting the paint, and so on and so forth
Sunday- A trip to Ikea, on a holiday weekend, which is already 40 minutes from our house, and hours spent debating, measuring and more debating about which shelves to get and how to maximize our space
Monday- Deep cleaning the upstairs, putting way the organization stuff I got at Ikea and friends b-day BBQ
Tues- more cleaning, commissary trip, various errands, bill paying, and such as I waited for the dishwasher that never arrived
Wend- clearing out spare room of everything, prepping spare room to be painted, painted said room (which took until midnight) and receiving new dishwasher
Thursday- Begging the husband to get the day off work to help me.  Running more errands, purchasing more things from Lowe's, debating about new fridge, touching up paint in spare room, cleaning up, building shelves and trying to put everything away while the hubs tries to fix an old leaking pipe under the kitchen sink so that new dishwasher (which should only take 10 minutes to hook up) can finally be hooked up.
Today- finish putting away room and reorganizing the whole house per husbands requests now that we have tons of extra shelving space in the spare room.  Hoping to finish cleaning to finish the rest of the organizing, bill paying and such that I need to do, so that we can hit the wedding reception tomorrow, so that I can prep and paint the master bedroom on Sunday, so I can have it put back together on Monday, so that Tues I can grocery shop, have lunch with a friend, and hit the little one's Vet appt so that Wend I can have an endoscopy and Thursday I can have a barium study so that the surgeon can decided my fate Thursday afternoon.

WHEW!!!!!  Too much going on and not enough time to do it!

But, once I get the spare room put back together, I will post pictures!  I think it looks awesome!  The color is super bold, but I think it's so pretty!!!