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A Boy, A Girl, and The Marine Corps: A Love Triangle: February 2011

A Boy, A Girl, and The Marine Corps: A Love Triangle

"I cast my lot with a Marine and where he was, was home to me." ~ Anonymous.

Sunday, February 27, 2011


So, it's snowing again in Seattle. Yes, it's almost March, and yet it's snowing. I don't really mind that much except that it means that I get to work on my days off because no one else can make it in. :(

I had a working interview scheduled for Thursday and I had to tell my boss that there was no way I could come in the AM in the event that our two girls couldn't make it. One of them didn't. So, I ended up having to go in in the afternoon. It sucked... Mostly, because I have a new puppy who wakes up everyday at 6:20am needing to pee, so I'm exhausted. That, and I'm pretty sure I have a sinus infection and I still have that horrible headache.

The working interview went really well. I'm kinda excited about it, but I'm torn. Due to the weather, we had a number of days being shorted staffed. A fellow employee mentioned to me that our boss was very upset that we are being forced to cut hours and the powers at be want us to lay off a tech and yet we have some unreliable people who don't seem to understand that. He said, if he did have to lay off someone, it wasn't going to be based on experience or time served because, "at least A Girl shows up." So, it's unlikely I would lose my job... But I already have this other job that sounds good that I may or may not be offered. And there are things I don't like about my current job...

It just sucks to be worried you will lose your job, so you line up something else, only to hear that it is unlikely you will be the one let go... What the crap!? It's very stressful to not know what is going on!

Monday, February 21, 2011

I think...

I think in the days to come, this blog is going to end up being more about my new dog than about military life... LOL!

I'm absolutely smitten with my kiddo! He loves me and adores me and I can't get enough of it! He follows me around, he checks on me and cuddles me.... And he is starting to get jealous of The Little One! She was on the couch and I went up to pet and kiss her and he came up and started nudging my hands to get me to pet him instead. This is going to be an interesting week in our house.

He's doing great, getting more and more confident, he's starting to stand up to The Little One and he is doing great with the potty training. We still have accidents, but he is pretty good about letting us know he needs to go outside. It's just a matter of keeping his attention on the fact that he needs to potty. He gets out there and gets very distracted, won't potty, then comes in the house and does it. But I'm working on keeping him out there enough that he remembers he needs to pee and goes. :)

Today, I took him to work for his puppy exam. He got some vaccinations and did great. Not anything like Bel who thinks we are trying to murder her with the injections. He was a little nervous at first, but warmed up quickly and then got very comfortable. He even let me know he had to potty there and I took him outside and he did his business! Such a good dog!

The only issue is that he is not nearly as food motivated at our min pin is. He only kinda knows his name because he doesn't quite get it with the treats. With the little one, I just sat on the couch and said her name while I fed her treats. With in half a day she knew that her name meant good things. Our Puppy sorta knows his name, but the treat thing doesn't seem to be working as well. He'll figure it out... But it also means we have to figure out what motivates him so we can start getting him trained in puppy manners in the next week or so.

Either way, he is fantastic!! He barks when he thinks someone is approaching me to fast, but stops when I tell him to relax and we walk away to show there is no threat. He loves me! He is doing well tolerating Bel and her ridiculousness, he's getting more confident in his surroundings, inside and out, and is getting more confident in us as his owners. He's such a great dog!!!

I just really hope our min pin will start warming up to him a bit more.... But baby steps.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Who doesn't love puppies?

Well, we got our new kiddo last night. He is a 5 month old, red Doberman.

So far, our min pin hasn't decided how she feels about him. She is picking on him and he is doing really well with it. He's very gentle with her and is very patient. He is a mama's boy already, and that makes her even more mad. But he does love my husband too. He is the sweetest kid!

This is him sleeping at the breeders house while we went over instructions and paperwork.

This is him, home, feeling not so sure. He would hide his face in my arms when our min pin barked at him... Now he just nudges her out of his way. :)

The Little One tried to take over his bed. She would sit in it and bark at him.

We put a stop to that and he settled in nicely for bed.

This is my kiddo's checking each other out. The Little One is not sure how she feels about him snuggling us.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Puppy day!!!

I don't know if you know this, but....


Ok, seriously, I have to go to work now, but I just wanted everyone to know that it's PUPPY DAY!

Even if we don't end up bringing a little one home, playing with three puppies is always a good way to end your day/week. :)

Friday, February 18, 2011

I suck!

Ok, I really do, but I have good reason...

I have a draft of my Blogger Award post, but haven't been able to finish it because of some craziness.

1. We didn't get the doberman. The adoption people were being jerks and then stopped returning our phone calls. :(

2. We might be getting a doberman puppy instead! We go tomorrow to see the kiddo's! So, kinda a crazy story and I will explain when I have more time.

3. I ended up at the doctor because of the three week headache I have been dealing with. Hospital refused a CT scan because the Dr hadn't tried other things... GRRRR. So stupid! So, we are trying drugs first, then a CT scan to get rid of the headache.

4. Just found out I am for sure getting my hours cut at work. :( That other job is looking better and better.

Sorry, it's just been a crazy few days.

I will try to finish the post and get it up... I'm just having to think a little too hard about it.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Nominations and Headaches

So, I have been nominated twice for the same award in the last week and feel very honored about that. :) I know it's silly, but I think blogger awards are really fun and a great way for all us bloggers to keep connected.

That said, I have not yet posted my award or participated. :( It will is because I have a wicked headache and have been fighting it off and on, everyday for the last almost month. First, I blamed it on the husbands snoring, but he finally bought some anti-snore stuff and the last two days I have slept the night through and it's still here. It's worse when I eat food from restaurants, which is probably because of the high salt content... though, I usually suffer from low blood pressure and have never worried about salt intake in my life.

I also am having a bit of a struggle with trying to adopt the dog. Though I think he would be in a good home here, he has some issues... Mostly of the guarding variety. I'm not worried about that, but the adoption people went from jumping for joy that we wanted him and thinking we were wonderful, to seeming hesitant. I'm a little frustrated. 1. I'm a vet tech, I can deal with difficult dogs, I do it for a living. 2. I've trained difficult dogs. 3. I know a lot about canine behavior, did I mention I'm a vet tech? 4. No, we don't have a yard, but so what? If I'm jogging with my furry guy everyday, who needs a yard? Besides, people who buy incredibly social dogs like Dobies and then stick them in the yard for endless hours of the day are not doing that dog any good. 5. We do not crate if we can help it, so he wouldn't be confined for hours on end, he would simply be baby gated into the kitchen. 6. I come home on my lunch breaks and can take my kid to work with me. So, either way he wouldn't be confined all day.... I could go on and on about why I'm a little irritated that they are suddenly questioning us, after being so excited about us.

Anyhoo, I have a doctor appointment about my headache, hopefully, I will feel better and can post my award and my pictures from our weekend away. :)

PS. I also had an interview at the super nice hospital today. It went really well, and the HR woman was super excited about me. :) We'll see how that goes.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!

Well, I still don't know if I'm going to get laid off, but I have an interview at an awesome place tomorrow! It's in a field I would love to be in, at a great hospital! We'll see how it goes.

And, though my poor little kid is improving, she now has amorphous ammonium urate urinary crystals. :( We are hoping they go away with the improvement of her liver issues that we expect now that she is on her liver supplement. But so far, we are seeing steady signs of improvement.

And, for the happy,happy, joy, joy news!!! We still haven not gotten our puppy. I emailed our breeder almost a month ago and still have not heard from her. No clue what's going on. We are getting impatient. But, per happenstance, I saw a picture of a beautiful, one year old male doberman that needs a wonderful home at work yesterday. Even better? He is currently up for adoption at the place that we took our dog to get trained. So, he will come fully potty trained and trained, plus he will have free private lessons for the rest of his life! :) JOY! He's so cute and the hubby is even interested. Usually, he is insistent on getting a puppy, but he's really interested in meeting this dog. I spoke to the people today, and they are interested in us too, because we have experience with those type of dogs. Hopefully I will hear from them tomorrow about meeting the cutiepatootie!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Sometimes I hate life

I am not going to take my previous post down because I was being honest and needed to vent...

That said, I really hate myself when I rant about my husband. I should feel lucky he is home.

I feel like a complete wench when I do that. I feel awful about myself.

I spend most of my time worried he will take off for his next deployment and I will never see him again. I spend a lot of my time worried that I will regret the things I have said or done. And, now I'm a jerk who is bitching that my husband came home and wanted to talk to me about his weekend away from me, while explaining that he will be gone all summer long for various schools and training, and all I can do is be mad that I went to bed late and that he is snoring.

I can use the excuse that I am human, that I haven't slept in three weeks and am tired, or that it's 12:30 am and I am still not asleep and I'm frustrated, but really, I'm just an ass.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

At wits end

I'm so frustrated I could cry.

It's 12am at my house. I have to be up for work at 7. By all accounts that is sleeping in. However, now I'm going to be exhausted because I am still not asleep. Why you ask? Because my husband is home and is snoring so loud and so often that I have no hope of sleeping.

For more than three weeks now he has been doing this. At first, he said it was a cold. But it didn't improve. I told him that he needed to buy some Breath Right strips, try allergy pills, or see a doctor. It is NOT normal for a 28 year old man to suddenly start snoring out of the blue. In the five years we have been together, he has snored on occasion, but I would just nudge him and say, "You're snoring," and he would change positions and stop. This not longer works.

I have spent the last three weeks begging him to do something. I need sleep. I am getting no sleep. I think I'm averaging 4-5 hours on a good night. He told me he was positive he wouldn't snore if he was on his right side. There are multiple flaws with that theory. 1. when you are sleeping, you do not consciously choose what position you lay in. 2. The night he told me that, I woke up a record amount of times due to his snoring and 75% of the time, he was laying on his right side.

I, again, begged him to do something. See a doctor, get those nasal strips, anything. I'm so tired.

He did not. Then he went to drill. I was looking forward to two consecutive days of sleeping through the night... Then at 3am last night a doctor from my work called. We had a hospitalized patient and she was there checking on her and needed to do x-rays, but she has no idea how to use the machine. So, I got to wake up and walk her through entering the patient in and the settings, the foot pedal etc. for a half hour. Then I had to try to fall back a sleep. Though I slept in a little today, I couldn't really sleep in a ton because I had to be sure to be in bed tonight to get up for work in the morning, and that wouldn't happen if I slept until 10 or 11 in the morning.

Luckily for me, the husband returned home late, then talked to me about his weekend for an hour (in spite of the fact that I told him I had to go to bed because I had to work in the morning) because he does not have to get up for work, he has tomorrow off. He then insisted that we go to bed (now an hour and a half late for me) because he was tired and needed- get this- a full night of uninterrupted sleep. I'm not kidding. He actually said that to me. And then, he began snoring, and no matter how many times I nudge him, he just keeps going.

So, I woke his ass up and said, "can you please go sleep on the couch, you are snoring so loud." To which he replied by looking at his phone to see the time, then getting pissed off at my request because it's midnight, and then proceeding to grab pillows and blankest angrily while slamming the door, stomping and generally making as much noise as humanly possible. Nice.

So, guess who is sleeping on the couch? That's right. I am. Mostly because when he does crap like that it means that he will be a complete and utter A-hole for at least a day, if not longer. And seeing as I have had no sleep in three weeks (now going on four) and am not in the mood to put up with a sulking two year old, I decided that I would give up yet another nights sleep so that he could get his precious full nights rest. I, of all people, can sympathize with how hard it must be for him. Two days in a row of no sleep is tough. *I'd like to go upstair and slap him in the face as hard as I can right now.

Luckily for me, I find the couch fairly uncomfortable to sleep on, I don't know how to work the sleep timer on the TV in the living room, the heat in our house rises to the upper floor, meaning it's freezing downstairs all night long, the dog knows I'm here and will whine all night if I don't let her sleep with me, but will "cuddle" in the most uncomfortable positions if I do, and I'm surrounded by windows that, even with the blinds down, will bathe me in the first mornings light bright and freaking early.

I seriously think I'm going to end up sitting down here and crying all night out of frustration and shear exhaustion.

The commissary

I decided on a whim today to compare the cost of my commissary bill yesterday to the cost of the Safeway that is literally a block from our house.

$40 more expensive. It equaled out to be about a 35% savings, which is about what the commissary advertises. I happened to mention this little fact on FB and a friend of mine, who served in the Army, decided to actually argue with me that the commissary is not actually cheaper. Seriously.

Granted, there are not a lot of commissaries in the area.  I'm sure it was a pain in the ass to get there to grocery shop. That said, he told me that Safeway is generally accepted to be one of the most expensive grocery stores in the Seattle area. Semi-true. We have a number of local chains that boast better produce etc that are hugely more expensive... Many of them are my other choices for stores near my house. So, I feel comfortable choosing Safeway as my comparison.

So, when I argued that, and the actual dollar differences, he came back and argued time and gas money. I can tell you right now, I saved $40 this week vs the civilian grocery store, and it did not, in any way, cost me $40 to drive to the commissary. It only costs me $32 to fill my tank if I am below empty. (roll my eyes a little). And we average $40 to $60 a week in savings depending on the items we need, and we don't pay sales tax, which is almost 10% in the Seattle area. So, how am I not saving money if it only takes an extra 40 minutes out of my day to go to the commissary, I'm not paying sales tax, and it probably costs a whopping $5 in gas to get there and back?

Now, if I had to drive from where I live farther than an hour away it would take a half a tank of gas or more to go there and back, and over an hour each way. That would not be worth it.  If we didn't have a commissary near by, by all means, we would shop retail, but why would I currently?

I don't know about you, but my husband and I do not think $40 is a small amount of money to save (or waste). $122 (before our 10% sales tax) vs $82 (after the 5% surcharge) is still a win in my book.

Now, my friend had a very good paying civilian job. So much so, in fact, that he managed to save up money, quite his job, and is now backpacking all over Australia and New Zealand. So, maybe he thinks 40 minutes out of his day to save 35% is not worth it because $40-$60 is not a lot of money to him... I don't know, but I do know that my husband and I do this comparison a few times a year and never once say, "Gee, that extra $50 a week is not worth it. Who needs an extra $2600 a year? Not us!" LOL!

It's so crazy to me how many people do not think about those things... We know so many Marines who do not take advantage of the military benefits. Why not? We use our military discount on clothes, movie tickets (on the rare occasion we go to a movie), groceries, travel, you name it. Why not take advantage of those things while you have them? Use that extra money to pay down your debt, like we do, or to save a little more, or even get to eat out once a week. Buy a new video game, something!

I don't know... How many of you don't think the savings are worth it? Are we weird in the fact that we are willing take 3/4 of an hour out of our day to save the money? I understand if you don't have a commissary near by, but if we do, why wouldn't we use it?

Friday, February 11, 2011

Happy 400!

It's my 400th post!

Sadly, it's not all good news.

1. Anniversary weekend with hubby was awesome! I will post pictures this weekend- if I have time to get the pictures onto my computer.
2. Went back to work and it was a light week. Sorta nice to ease into things after being gone for three days.
3. Got a call from my doctors office. Tricare has decided they want a refund for a visit I had one (yes, as in numero uno) year ago. They are saying I had other insurance at the time. I have no idea, since we didn't get our insurance cards from the hubby's job for ages. We have no idea when it actually kicked back in... So, it's possible that Tricare will have to be refunded. Sadly, my civilian insurance will most likely refuse to pay on the grounds of an "untimely file," so we will have to come up with $400. :(
4. Last week our pup got diagnosed with a back injury... She's on bed rest. We decided to do blood work on her because our lab has decided to let our employees get free blood work done. Got called while I was out of town by a vet at work to be told that the little one's liver values are moderately high. That meant that we had to discontinue her pain meds ASAP, and she is now on a liver supplement. We are going to check her blood work again in a few weeks to see if she is improving and I'm taking her into work tomorrow to ultrasound her to check for a liver mass. Poor thing, she just can't seem to catch a break.

And for the grand finale of ridiculousness! Drum Roll..... BBBBRRRRR....

I got an email from a big hospital about a couple job openings they have! I was going to work for them when I graduated, but they didn't have openings so it didn't work out. They emailed me a few days ago to say they had some really good positions open. I inquired a bit and the benefits are pretty amazing! That said, I have a good job and I like it, so I was going to decline... I had told the girls yesterday about the job and said that it was pretty amazing, but that my current job seemed more convenient. Then, one of my co-worker approached me today to tell me that she has heard a rumor (from a good source) that we might be laying off a tech. :( She encouraged me to look into this other job just in case. WHAT THE HECK! I leave a good job for a better job, just in time to find out that they laid everyone off at the first job. Now, I'm at that good job, being offered another good job, just in time to hear that I might not have a job anymore. GEEZE!

On the one hand, I feel lucky that I managed to network well enough to have these opportunities. But, my resume is going to look awful! Three jobs in 6 months? Granted, very good reasons to leave them, but it looks pretty bad. But we already let a person go at work, and cut another persons hours. I already only average 35 hours a week. I can't take much more of a cut... I just don't know what to do. I hate to leave my job on a rumor, but I hate to turn down a job offer and lose my current job and be left unemployed with nothing.

What a crazy week... And after such a wonderful, relaxing weekend.

Did I mention that my husband has started snoring, so I haven't slept in almost three weeks? I'm so glad he is at drill this weekend... I will finally sleep through the night, multiple nights in a row!!!!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Would you like some answers? I would.

So, not a ton of people asked questions, but that's ok. I realized I'm heading out of town tomorrow and won't be back until Tuesday afternoon, so I just going to answer the ones I have.

If you have been meaning to ask a question, or have forgotten or whatever, please feel free to still ask, I will answer them when I get home.

1. What is the one thing on your grocery list that you absolutely HAVE to buy each time you go the the store. I'm not talking about household staples, I mean a little package of M&M's, a 12 pack of Coke, toaster struedels, something that isn't needed but that always buy anyway.

This is a good questions... Mostly because I don't actually have that item really. I usually buy stuff to make taco salads. I like having avocado's. But I'm very much so a pragmatist. I buy what we can afford, so if snacks are not on the list, we don't get them. I'm trying to eat health, so I don't buy candy or sweets anymore and the only chips we buy are ones that only my husband likes so I won't be tempted to eat them too. Our grocery list is pretty small and usually consist of things we will for sure eat and crap for my husband that I won't. :) But I like to treat myself occasionally, and when I do, I love lemon heads, Milano Raspberry cookies, or a bag of really good sourdough pretzels.

2. How many speeding tickets have you had? Which one has the best story to go along with it?

Well, how many speeding tickets I've had and how many times I've been stopped for speeding are not the same thing (wink, wink). So, I have only had two speeding tickets. Both are currently, no longer on my record. But my first one has the best story:

I had literally gotten my license a few days before I got stopped for speeding. I had a 1990 Mazda Miata (my dad and I were fixing up the engine etc, but the body was in great condition so you couldn't tell that it wasn't in great shape). I was heading to school in the morning and was heading up a slightly steep hill. The problem was that the third valve in my engine was burnt, so my car would not accelerate well on inclines. That meant that I had to speed up at the bottom so I could make it to the top. LOL! So, I did that, but didn't really realize it meant I was going 40 in a 25 MPH zone. WHOOPS! So, the cop pulled me over and scolded me, then chastised me for it being like my third day driving. I managed to mitigate the ticket though. I explained that I had no idea I was speeding and why I had accelerated and the mitigator took it off my record. :)

3. When you were young, did you ever imagine yourself as a MilWife?

No. The truth is, I never imagined myself as anyones wife. I never wanted to get married. EVER. I even told my husband that, but he talked me into it. :)

4. When do you and your husband plan on having children?

We don't. I love kids, as long as they go home at the end of the day. :) Seriously, though, I do love kids, I just don't have any desire to have my own. I love to babysit and play and do all of that stuff with friends babies, but I have never seen myself with kids. And when I picture my life down the road with the hubs, I never see kids in that picture either. Lots of people tell me I will change my mind, part of me hopes they are right, but I have a number of relatives who never had kids and don't regret it. We'll see. People always told me I would change my mind when I got older, but I haven't. And I watched my nephew be born when I was 16 and it really kinda soured me on the whole thing. LOL! Who knows, maybe when I hit 30 I will change my mind, but so far I haven't.

5. How many do you want and do you have their names picked out?

HAHA! As a matter of fact, though I don't really want kids, I do have their names picked out. I have since high school. Boy: Holden Royce Girl: Jaala (pronounce JAYLA, it's hebrew) Nicole. :) The husband hates both these names. He insists we are going to name them something else, but I'm pretty sure he will want to name them after famous generals, and I'll have to veto that. :)

6. What are you opinions so far on being a Marine wife?

Of course, that is tough question. It varies from day to day. I love my husband. I'm so proud of him and his service. But sometimes, I just simply hate the military and the fact that it is constantly in the middle of our life and marriage. I can say for sure that Marine Wife is not a role that is meant for everyone. I would not tell just anyone to go for it... I have a friend who is a new Marine Wife who told me it's horrible... I tried to tell her what it's like before she got married. (shrug) But, honestly, you never know what you are made of, how independent you are, how strong your love is, or how strong you are until you are put to the test. Military wives in general will never question devotion, love, faith, their ability to be faithful, or how strong they are. They already know. I do think Marines are hard to be married to. I do know that we average the highest divorce rate in the military (as a branch, Navy Seals technically have the highest divorce rate). I know that at least once a week, I see first hand why. :) But over all, I couldn't be prouder of my husband and I couldn't feel more honored that he chose me to stand by him. He chose me to come home to. I feel such a thrill to play the role of his anchor and rock. There is something so amazing about a person who feels the need to serve. Someone who loves their country, believes in human rights and believes in protecting those in this nation so much that they are willing to be in harms way to stand up for those things, even if it means paying with the price of their lives. And we wives (of any branch) are so lucky to have a built in community. I know, no matter where I am, if there is even one military wife in the crowd, I will have something in common with her. And that is awesome! I feel lucky to be part of this life, and the community it comes with. Even if sometimes I absolutely hate the military. Many of you have heard me say it before, but I will say it again.... The thing I love most about my husband is that he is a Marine. And the thing I hate most about my husband is that he is a Marine. That pretty much sums up my feelings in one sentence.

Thanks for asking all these great questions everyone!!!

Feel free to ask more!

It's just a little bit of rain....

You know the phrase, "when it rains, it pours?" Well, I'm having one of those weeks.

My poor min pin. Just when I think we are figuring things out, the dog walker emails me. She tells me that she doesn't think she should walk her anymore. A little background before I continue--- Pups only loves and only trust me, in general. The hubs is working with her, but she doesn't trust easily and doesn't really care for strangers, so it's not a huge surprise that she doesn't walk great for her. In the past, she has refused to walk on the street, but done fine once they got to the park.

Her email indicated to me that she is refusing to walk at all. She said she is ok near the house, but basically refused to walk at all once they get to the street or park. She was concerned that she did not enjoy it and she didn't want to force her or stress her out. I gave her some ideas for winning her over.

But I it troubled me. This is really abnormal behavior for my little fur kid. She may not trust the dog walker, but usually the thrill of peeing on new things, possibly eating garbage and grass in general is enough for her to not care who is walking her. So, when I was at work today, I asked a vet why a dog would suddenly change this behavior. She said that sometimes it's pain. Pups has been quieter lately, but I thought it was because of the food allergies/discomfort from that. So, I had the husband bring her to work at lunch. We did a neurological exam and it was normal. But when we did the neck and spinal exam, we discovered a back injury. :( For now, we are hoping it's either soft tissue or minor enough to treat with a pain med/anti-inflammatory and some rest. So, no more walks for two weeks. Hopefully, we are right and she will improve. If not, it will be X-rays and maybe an MRI.

We almost had to cancel our anniversary weekend trip to Seattle. She needs to get her pain meds every evening and our neighbors are not up to the task... She can be difficult to medicate once she figures out what you are trying to do-- Tricky Devil! The hotel said we could bring her along, but they would prefer that we take her with us when we go out during the day (which is not an option) and would make us take her home if she whined at all (which is a real possibility). Fortunately, I have a vet tech friend who lives close by and is willing to give her her meds.

Sigh. I feel so horrible for my little furry one. I feel horrible that I didn't notice she was in pain! Why does she have to be so stoic? Why does she have to refuse to show us when she hurts!? I just feel so bad for her, she just can't catch a break.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Finally, some answers!

Took our min pin to the specialist today. And it didn't even cost me a small fortune to do it!

Here's what we found out:

She may or may not be allergic to the world! But on the bright side, she may be able to get better. She has lost most of the fur on her ears, we even did a biopsy of one of them, but didn't get anything good out of it. Turns out, The Little One doesn't produce enough of the extra special lipids that keep her skin nice and her immune system intact. So, her ears go bald, and get dry, which decreases the barrier on her skin, which makes her allergies worse. Whew! So, when we feed her foods that she is allergic too, she reacts more strongly to them because she has a compromised immune system to begin with. :( Hence the crazy reaction to duck.

Feeding her the fish diet that she was on helped. She looked good. But when we took her off of it because we were scared of allergies, she wasn't getting enough of the Omega Fatty Acids to help her little lipid producing issue, thus compounding the problem.... My poor dog. We thought we were doing right by her, but we were just making it worse! I feel AWFUL!!!!

And to make it worse... Her ear infections. The doc says he's not too worried about them just yet. He thinks they will get better, but guess what... We were also potentially making that worse. Though we had her on a limited diet, we had her on over the counter foods. They do make many prescription diets that have the same ingredients, but they are usually more expensive. However, the dermatologist told me of a study in which they took 70 OTC dog foods that claimed to not have chicken or beef in them and tested them. And wouldn't you know, they tested positive for chicken and/or beef. Turns out, pet food companies are not required to clean the machines in between batches of food. So, again, we thought we were doing right by her and were, in all actuality, not doing much good at all.

So, she has special skin drops that will replace the missing skin oils, and I am now special ordering the Royal Canin Fish diet. Sadly, the smallest size is 8 pounds! The food I buy her now is 5.5 pounds and we only have to buy it ever 1.5 to 2 months. 8 pounds may go bad before she manages to eat it all! But, he said the drops should help her start producing the oils on her own, so eventually we will only need to do the drops once a month VS the twice a week we have to do them now. And, with the prescription diet, we can for sure determine what she is allergic to.

Hopefully, she begins to improve and I can go back to feeling like a good mom again. :)


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Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Do you ever have periods of your life where you just feel blah?

I haven't slept well in the last few weeks. Between weird injuries at work keeping me up, my husbands snoring and a weird feeling of stress, I've just been exhausted, which also means I'm grumpy, and irritable.

And it just seems like things are crappy right now... My poor min pin has me stressed. I just feel so bad for her and I feel worse that I haven't been catching her allergic reactions fast enough. Then you add in the husband...

Things are better, don't get me wrong, but there are just little things that I want to yell about! For instance, I made homemade pesto sauce. I then froze the leftovers. I took them out yesterday so that we could have pesto with noodles. He put the pesto in the fridge (which is a huge step forward for him) but did not put the lid, that was sitting right next to the container, on it before he did... So, now my fridge smells like pesto and my pesto smells like fridge. GRRR. I can't count how many times I've told him to put lids on things. Or rinse the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher... Meaning, I also spent my morning taking dishes out of the dishwasher to scrub dried food off of them so that I could finish loading the dishwasher to run it.

And if these stupid little things weren't enough, I found out yesterday that everyone at my old job is being laid off.

Here's what I never told people. I worked with monkeys at a research facility. I loved my job. I loved the monkeys, but I was working 50+ hours a week and the management was not always great. So, when I got the call, out of the blue, offering me my current job, it was hard not to think about taking it. Better money, fewer hours, closer to home, etc. So, I took it, but every now and then, I miss the monkeys. Well, I found out that two of my friends got laid off yesterday. And they were just two of seven people laid off in just one day and there are more layoffs to come this week. :( I feel really weird about it. I'm completely relieved that I have my job and that I left when I did. I'm in no danger of losing my job now. But I feel bad that I feel relieved when all of my friends are either losing their jobs or fearing losing their jobs. I guess it's like survivors guilt or something.

And to top off my bad mood, blah couple of weeks and general grumpy mood- my husbands pending deployment has been weighing on my mind. We have only gotten word that they are up for their turn soon, no official word or anything, but as the days creep on, I know we are just counting down the days until the official word comes and we do it all over again. I had such a horrible deployment last time. I feel pretty sure that it would be hard to top the horribleness, but that doesn't stop me from worrying about it all. What if he comes home injured and can't work? What if he doesn't come home at all? Will he call me to argue with me all the time again? Will I hear from him more or less often than last time? Will work keep me busy enough? Probably not. Will I have more support this time? Will more people understand? What will I do if he doesn't come home? What will I do if he comes home like he did last year? What will I do if our marriage falls apart again? What will I do if we discover that we are not strong enough to survive this life?

I haven't decided which is worse, the stress of worrying about the deployment, or the gearing up for it, or the actual deployment it's self...

I'm really hoping that some good sleep, a visit to the veterinary dermatologist/allergist, and a clean house will start to make me feel better. I'm always more stressed and more of a worry wart when I'm tired.


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Tuesday, February 1, 2011


As promised:

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