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A Boy, A Girl, and The Marine Corps: A Love Triangle: January 2011

A Boy, A Girl, and The Marine Corps: A Love Triangle

"I cast my lot with a Marine and where he was, was home to me." ~ Anonymous.

Monday, January 31, 2011


My poor pup. She has allergies. She developed them earlier last year. Chronic ear infections. :( We eliminated chicken, the frequency of her otitis externa decreased. But she was still getting them. So we eliminated fish (which was the food she was on) and beef (her treats). I don't know you if you realized this, but there is chicken, beef, or fish in just about every edible dog product on the market.

So, we put her on a venison diet. There is only one over the counter venison food. I then used venison treats made by the same company and supplemented her treats with bison chews.... And she did awful. Her coat became dull, she lost weight, her skin dried out. She just looked terrible! To make it worse, we added pork to her allergies when I gave her a pig ear (not on her list of allergies at the time) and she became itchy. We tried going all venison and eliminated the bison. I paid a small fortune to special order venison products from our local dog store. They don't charge for the order, but specialty items like that are not cheap. She only got worse.

So, a little over a week ago, I took her back to work and had one of the vets look at her. She agreed that pup looked terrible and had to be taken off the venison ASAP. So, we tried duck. Turns out poultry is poultry. Only, duck is worse than chicken. Her coat started to look better, but a few days into the new food and duck only diet, I came home to find that her fur had thinned on her sides and her skin was bright red! My poor girl!!!! Did I mention that her skin is peeling off on her neck too? It's so horrible looking.

And my girl is so stoic! She doesn't itch at all (aside from pork). She doesn't look good, but she never complains. Even when she has horrible ear infections, she doesn't scratch at her ears or shake her head at all. It makes me feel horrible because I can't always tell she is not doing well.

So, I told the vet at work that I was putting her back on her fish food. She did well on that food and we didn't definitively prove that she is allergic to fish. She is already starting to look better. And I made an appointment with an allergist. I didn't want to, it's expensive to see specialist, but I am at wits end. We have already tried so many things.

It's a horrible feeling to work in the vet field and not be able to help my own dog! And things like this are so frustrating to treat!

I feel so horrible about my little girl.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

By the way...

I have 99 followers... Which I think is crazy!! Who really wants to read about the stupid things I have to say? :)

Anyhoo, because I think it's crazy that almost 100 people care about my ramblings about life, I would like to offer up something.

If (a big IF) I manage to get over 100 followers, ever (seriously, no time limit) I will promise to answer any question I get asked in either my comments or my email.... Within reason.

So, keep your eye out for the 100+ follower (and or my invitation, which ever comes first) and get your questions ready.

Is it weird that this bothers me?

So, I found out about a place that I can get custom jewelry done. I looked up the place, it was great, lots of military inspired stuff. So, I contacted them and asked if I could work with them to get a custom piece done. We emailed back and forth about what I wanted and if it would work.

I got the email that they had made it work. I then got the email with the link to purchase it and how much it would cost. I asked my husband to buy it for me, and he never did. So, I emailed them, apologized for the delay and let them know I was purchasing it right away.

It arrived a few weeks ago and turned out great... That said, I started to spread the word about this small business to my military wife friends and was asked to show a picture of my piece. So, I went the Facebook page and looked up my piece under the Custom Pieces photo album only to discover that it says it was made for someone else.

What the heck? I specifically asked for the things that were included in the piece and worked with the person about how it would look. I asked for a pendant with a specific phrase on it (though it's a phrase they use on other items, so it wasn't original) and the person had to go see if the phrase would fit before agreeing to make the piece. How is that not made for me? Someone else may have ordered it too, it was posted as an item once it was finished for me, but I helped come up with it and it was made for me.

This does not diminish the necklace or that I like it. It doesn't changed that the work was good, nor does it change that the necklace turned out wonderfully. I'm just kinda, I don't know... maybe offended? Or something, that I put effort into thinking of something that I wanted and worked with them to create it and they are saying the made it for someone else.

I feel like it shouldn't bother me, but I also told my friends about the necklace and was all excited to get it made. Then, I go to share the picture of it with them and it looks like I lied about it.

I don't know...

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hilarious Moments

So, we fixed the closet fiasco. Ug!

I'm tired and spent a good part of my day frustrated. So, I told the husband that I was done going through things, getting rid of things and trying to make everything fit in the closets. I needed dinner.

I made homemade vodka sauce with penne. When I was done I asked the husband if he wouldn't mind grabbing me the USB cord for my camera. The conversation went something like this:

Me: Can you please grab me the cord for my camera?
Him: Why?
Me: I made you dinner tonight.
Him: Well, I did the dishes.
Me: Well, I did the dishes this morning and yesterday and pretty much every other day of the week.
Him: Well I cooked you dinner the day before yesterday.
Me: Well, I helped cook half that dinner, I made the rice. (all he had to do was open the box of frozen chicken pieces and put them on a cookie sheet and bake them by the way LOL!)
Him: Well, then I made dinner the night before that!
Me: When?
Him: I made steaks. Yeah, what do you gotta say about that!!! HA!
Me: I make you dinner most nights of the week.
Him: OH YEAH!!! Well, I sex you up... When you let me and you are in the mood. SO there!

HAHAHAHA! That was the best argument ever!

Closet Day

Today, my new closets came and were in stalled. I was so excited.

Well, our stuff doesn't fit. I'm pissed. We paid a lot of money for those closets.

I told the woman everything in our master closet needed to fit--- including ALL of our shoes if possible. Well, if I put our shoes in, other things don't fit. The husband even tried to get rid of some stuff.

The office closet? Well, the doors are blocking almost all of the shelves, so we can't get stuff on them, or can, but can't readily get it back out. Not to mention that she didn't seem to have measured the photo albums we had in there, because we had EIGHT, yes 8, photo albums that wouldn't fit on the shelves, so we had to adjust the shelves, which caused some problems else where.

I'm very unhappy. I got an estimate from a different company at first and was very happy with them, but was referred to this company by a friend. I was told it was the same materials, and they did the same work, but for less. I disagree.

First off, the original gal had me with her while she measured. She asked questions, "What's most important, Where do you want this to go," etc. It allowed me to be sure everything would fit. And she honestly told me that she didn't think all of our shoes would fit, but that most of them. She then took me downstairs and laid out a paper diagram of where she thought things would fit best and how. The current person, told me I could go downstairs while she measured, which I should have not done, but she was personally referred to me by a good friend, by name. I trusted her. She emailed me the diagram and I had no idea what she planned to put what where. I asked about the shoes and she told me which shelves she had planned. I will let you know, that those three shelves hold nothing. The bottom shelf holds three pairs of combat boots and the other two only hold four pairs of my heels each. That doesn't include my other shoes or my husbands other shoes. So we have like 8 pairs of shoes or so that don't fit. I can put them on other shelves, but then where do we put my husbands baseball caps or his folded military uniforms or any of the other things that were originally in the closet?

I'm so irritated.

Monday, January 17, 2011

No one said my job was boring...

Today was our new doctors first surgery day... She took a very long time to do three spays. It was not really her fault. We ended up having three tough kiddos. We also had our floors cleaned on Saturday, so all of our stuff (surgical tables, monitoring equipement etc) had been moved into another room. When I got there, a tech was late so none of it had been moved back. So, we were officially, already, running behind. We moved all our equipment back, and set up for surgery. Then our ECG machine would work. I guess unplugging it and moving it, then moving it back, didn't agree with it. So, we had to trouble shoot for like 2o minutes to get it working again, setting us back even farther. But, if it wasn't going to be fun enough to be running late all day, our third tech had an allergic reaction to something and I had to rush her to the hospital... Did I mention it was while we had a surgery going and another patient premedicated for surgery?

She started to break out in hives while monitoring anesthesia for our first spay, so she switched with another tech and took some benedryl. It didn't help. After a few minutes, the hives started to spread and her face/tongue started to get puffy. That is when I said, "grab your coat we are going to the ER." I called ahead and told the ER we were coming so they would be ready to treat her ASAP. Good thing too, just as we were pulling up to the exit, she started having trouble breathing. I then rushed back to work to help with the second surgery and the day just spiraled out of control from there on. I got just enough of a lunch to run home and grab food, then eat as fast I could to clock back on. We didn't finish all of our surgeries until almost 2, when we are usually done around 11:30. The doctors were doing their own TPR's (temperatures, respiration rates, and Pules, like when you go to the doctor and the medical assistant takes your vitals and your history) because we were recovering patients, and dealing with all the patients they brought back to us to be treated. We still needed to clean up from surgery and all of that and we still had our closing list to do.

AHHH! It was a long, crazy day. And I still have to cook my husband dinner.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Good News and a funny husband

So, I'd like to start this out by saying I have lost two more pounds this week, bringing my total up to four since January first!!! We have been cooking at home three to four times a week, I'm getting better at cooking, it only took three years of marriage. :)

I'm getting good at making heathy choices with my dinners at home, even when the husband wants mashed potatoes with tons of butter and milk. I eat salad when we eat out-- except for last night. Deep fried pickles and a burger were not really on the list of things I should be eating. Oh well, FREE DAY! But I'm doing pretty good!

And now for the funny husband story of the day. I was getting ready to shower and my husband told me I was "unclean." I hit him in the shoulder. He said I had to be "unclean" because the second you step out of the shower, you get dirty again. I told him that if I was "unclean" it was because I was cuddled up to him all night and had just hugged him a few minutes before and his unclean had rubbed off on me. :) He just looked so hurt. So I hit him and said, "It doesn't feel very nice to be told you are unclean does it!" HAHA!

Date Night

My husband and I went on our first date night in ages last night. To be honest, I just can't get behind paying $10.50 for a movie and there is only one theater that offers a military discount near us and it's only a buck off. Grumble.

But, while we were trying to find a movie to see or a dinner to go to, we stumbled upon the best idea ever.... a 21 and up movie theater! They only allow persons of legal drinking age to enter. They actually card at the box office and will not give you your tickets until they have ID'd the entire group. Why you may ask? Because the lobby is a bar and the the theaters have tables so you can drink and order food! Now, there is a place like it in Bellevue, which is a ritzy part of the eastside, so we never go there. Everything in Bellevue is over priced. LOL! Sorry to anyone who reads my blog who may be from there. :)

So, Cinebarre (the theater) also offers a very nice military discount. So, we saw The Green Hornet remake, in 3D, and had drinks and dinner all while sitting in our seats. It was pretty neat. It made for an expensive date, but probably not any more expensive then going to dinner, having drinks, then buying full priced movie tickets, then getting snacks/drinks at concessions. So, I'm going with it. It was also pretty great to not have any screaming babies or annoying teenagers talking through the whole thing. I don't think this night out, fun as it was, will become a habit, we are still trying to pay down our debt, but it was night to do it.

And I discovered my new love affair.... Fried Pickles. A friend of mine told me about them. She talks about a restaurant from her home town in Minnesota that has them, but I found them at Cinebarre. Sooooooo delicious!!! I'm hooked. And now, I will have to make my husband promise to not take me there too often so it doesn't throw off my weight loss efforts. HAHA!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

I'm very sorry

To anyone who may have replied to a comment I have left on your blog, but did not hear back from me, I'm sorry.

I did not realize it until now, but the email that was linked to that has closed. It was the email from the non-profit I used to work for. I was told it was going to be closed, but it never did, so it never occurred to me to change it. Well, I guess it was finally closed, but I am no longer able to access the account to get my mail.

I'm sorry to everyone. Please feel free to reply to me from now on. I have a new email linked.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

25 things you may not know about me

I found this idea floating around Facebook. I think it's kinda neat. So, here is 25 thing you may not know about me. :)

1. I'm a vet tech who does medical stuff for a living- including taking blood from animals multiple times a day, but I have never been able to watch myself give blood. It gives me the heebie-geebies.

2. I knew I was in love with my husband just a little while after we started dating. He took me on a weekend away and while driving to our destination, I saw a beautiful, big white house with a wrap around deck and said, "I've always wanted a house like that, but with a barn with horses." And he said, "Me too." SO meant to be.

3. I actually prefer cats, even though I adore my little min pin.

4. I think wrestling mean animals, no matter what species, or how big or small, is one of the most fun things in the world.

5. I love veggi's, but hate eggplant. No matter how it is cooked.

6. I have a weird love of garden gnomes.

7. I dream of having a house where everything matches and looks planned.

8. I'm still afraid of the dark... and under the bed.

9. Though I have a ton of hilarious drunk stories, I rarely drink. Like less than once a week and even then, I just have one.

10. I really want to swim with dolphins

11. I carry a list of things I want to do in life in my wallet and have since I was in high school.

12. I own at least 7 pairs of high heels, and at least 15 total pairs of shoes (I've never actually counted and have always wondered if my collection of slippers counted) but I pretty much only wear my white tennis shoes and my black crocs.

13. I almost always have the TV on when I'm home, but I'm usually not watching it. I just like the background noise.

14. I LOVE awesomely bad movies from the 80's.

15. I think animals dressed as humans are ridiculous, but I also just bought a pair of monkey pajamas for my dog because they were so ridiculous, how could I not?

16. There are very few foods that I won't eat.... aside from eggplant, I can't actually think of one right now.

17. I don't like beer or wine.

18. Someday, I want to have a Great Dane and name him Scooby Doo.

19. Labs are my least favorite dog.... though I still like them.

20. I still, to this day, do no understand the trend of having your thong showing.

21. I have no idea who Keisha Cole, Justin Beiber, or Rhianna are.

22. I speak American Sign Language and was once studying to be an interpreter.

23. I hate yellow gold and refuse to wear it of have anything like it in my house.

24. My husbands wedding ring cost more than my engagement ring and wedding ring combine... Because he's spoiled. :) And wanted platinum.

25. I have a thing for monkeys. I love them. I want to own one someday.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Where did my time go?

Do you ever get so busy that time goes by and you don't know where it went?

That has been my last few days.

We were getting ready for the husbands first drill of the year. So, of course he wanted to spend lots of time with me. I also had to work the next day (Friday). Then I had to get home ASAP to pay bills Friday night, so that I could go grocery shopping Saturday. Worked all day Saturday, rushed home, changed, ran to the Commissary... I know, Commissary on a Saturday is not a great idea. Especially when I'm standing in line waiting for a cashier to open up while watching a COUPLE (not family) with four, filled to the brim, carts at the fastest checkers lane. :( I then had to rush home, put the groceries away, then drive to downtown Seattle to meet a friend for the Picasso exhibit at the art museum. It was the last opportunity I had to go! It was actually very interesting. If you have a chance to go, I suggest doing it.

Then I went home, went to bed to get up and get ready for my very first ever GIRLS DAY OUT!!!

It was fabulous! I reserved space at a paint your own pottery place, where we had wine and snacks while we did our thing. They even decorated in pink in honor of our day! Then we walked down the street to get our nails done and then went out to dinner. It was so much fun that everyone is already talking about us doing another one!

But, by the time I got home, it was time to settle a bit and get ready for bed to go back to work. I didn't sleep a wink that night, no idea why, then went to work and worked 10 hours. Then last night, my hubby snored so much that I couldn't sleep. I finally got up at 2:30am and went downstairs and TRIED to sleep on the couch unsuccessfully. :( Then I got up and went into work early because someone had over booked our surgery schedule for the morning, so we needed all hands on deck first thing in the morning. So, I got to work an 11 hour shift today.

WHEW!!! I'm finally home, hoping my "easy" pesto sauce, really is easy to make, so that I can get my butt to bed!

Also, thinking about making the hubby sleep in the couch tonight. :)

Thursday, January 6, 2011


I'm sure most of you have heard about all the proposed DOD spending cuts. I've read on a number of your blogs about the proposed cut in heath care and other benefits, the lack of pay raises etc etc....

I agree with all of you. And now, I'm going to sound off a bit.

CNN.com has an article about the newly proposed DOD cuts. How about cutting 10% of the Marines (as in the actual people who are currently serving our country)? How about cutting 4% of the Army? On top of the already proposed decrease in benefits.

And somehow, I'm supposed to take comfort that these cuts won't "take effect" until 2015. That is only 4 years away. My husband is currently on his 3 year re-up. What if he wants to extend again? Are they going to turn a way a decorated Marine (with war time commendations), who has honorably served his country for 11 years and has deployed twice (if not more by then) because of budget cuts? What the heck Congress? Is it not enough that we can't expect any pay raises for the next 5 years? Is it not enough that the men and women who have already served a full 20 (if not more) years (some through some pretty major battles and wars) are going to see a decrease in their benefits and/or more out of pocket expenses? Is it not enough that you want to cut retirement benefits for those currently pursing their 20?

Do you not remember that we are CURRENTLY fighting a war? We CURRENTLY have men and women deployed to war zones. What are we supposed to tell them? Sorry you served your country so honorably, but we just can't afford you anymore? Oh, and by the way, more people are not coming to help.

They are proposing 20,000 fewer Marines, and 49, 000 fewer soldiers. That is a lot of people! Maybe 10% doesn't look like a lot on paper, but 20K people is a lot! What will happen to my husbands unit? What will happen to everyone? In the USMC reserves you can be forced out if you don't pick up rank regularly/fast enough. It's already very competitive, but if this goes through, there will be no way for any of the reservists to stay in for their 20. It's nearly impossible as it is now. My husband and I will have no choice but to leave military life and he will have no choice but to become a civilian again, no matter how much we want to be in the USMC. No matter how dedicated, loyal, or honorable he is. No matter how many missions he goes on, or battles he fights. He will undoubtably be forced out.

And what about the war? Can they honestly promise that it will be over in 4 years so it won't matter that we are losing 70K servicemen and women? Can they say it will be ok? Can they be sure that we won't need those people anymore? Can they be sure that there won't be another reason to fight/deploy in the coming years that those people won't be missed and we will not, then, have to take up a draft again?

I just don't see how this is a solution. Things get tough, so we are going to cut people out of the service? I don't know... It just irks me.

Monday, January 3, 2011

To befriend an Ex on Facebook or not, that is the question.

The danger of Facebook is that anyone can find you. I did my best for almost 10 years to avoid the people I went to high school with. I did my best to distance myself. But, when the husband went to Iraq, he signed up for FB to keep in contact with people. He then asked me to so that we could easily share photo's and videos. I gave in and did it. In some ways it's been great. There were people I went to high school with, or knew from my past, that I have connected with again that I'm actually happy to hear from. As a general rule, I do not send out friend request. In the almost two years I've been on FB I can honestly say I have sent out fewer than 20 of them for my 200+ friends. But, in general, I will accept your request. I have declined a few. Mostly it's people I went to high school with that I was not actually friends with. I don't see any need for people I don't really know, and never did, to know what I'm up to.

Today, I received a friend request from someone from my past. It is the brother of my high school sweetheart. It would be sweet, but in fact, my ex was a total loser. He was a basketball star, who went to college on a scholarship. He had to have surgery and all he had to do to keep his scholarship was show up to practice (not play) until he was recovered enough to join the team again. He failed to do that. Probably because he was too busy smoking weed and cheating on me. He lost his scholarship and moved back home to sit on his brothers couch and smoke weed, only to get kicked out for not paying rent consistently. So, he moved in with his parents and repeated his behavior. A few years ago, his stepdad ran into my dad. My dad told him about my two jobs that were paying my way through college and my awesome boyfriend (now husband). The stepdad replied, "Yeah, we always knew she was too good for *****"

From what I can tell, the ex is finally graduated from college, is somewhere in Europe and is awaiting the results of is MCAT (to get into med school). Sounds like he's doing better. I have a feeling, if I accept the request of the brother, the ex request will be soon to follow. I have mixed feelings about it. I would love to be the person who holds no ill will towards people... especially if they seem to have gotten their crap together. But, it still seems weird to me to connect with/befriend my ex and his whole crazy family almost 10 years after we broke up.

My husband did not seem to have a strong opinion about this situation.

So, I ask, Are you guys friends with your ex's? Are in contact with them? Do you FB them? Do your spouses have issues with that sort of thing?

Welcome 2011!

I know it's only day 3 of the new year, but I have to say, it's already shaping up to being the best year ever!

The hubby has been awesome! He is trying to so hard! I got upset with him the other day. He sorta brushed me off-- sound familiar? But, I stopped him and said, "No, I'm really upset right now. I need you to listen to me and hear me." And then he did something totally new. He turned to me, he apologized, then listened to me. Actually, listened. He then explained (not making an excuse) how his brain was working in that moment so that I could understand, then said he was sorry that he didn't see it from my perspective, but that he understood why I would be upset!!!! I was flabergasted! But so happy! I've been trying for months to get him to listen to me and hear me when I'm hurt or upset. I'm been explaining why excuses are worthless if you don't bother to understand or change in the future. I've been so frustrated and fed up. Then, all the sudden, out of no where, he listened! It was so nice to have a real conversation. We talked, not fought, about the situation and how to resolve it... And how to avoid it in the future.

That was such an amazing way to start the year.

We had a blast at a friends New Years party. She has a view of the space needle, so, for the first time in my life, I got to see the New Years brought in by the Space Needle fireworks LIVE! So amazing! I don't think I've had that much fun in years! And definitely never for New Years Eve.

Then, my hubby and I talked about what to do with our lovely escrow check. I want to put a chunk of it on our debt, the do some home improvements. We got some estimates and discussed what we wanted to do. I want to re-do our closets so that we actually have storage space, he wants to paint. So, I got estimates on both and painting was going to be a bit expensive. He agree, and said he understood why I wanted the closets and that he thought that was a good idea. (Does this sound like the man I married to you, because it doesn't to me! Usually he would push and fight for what he wants and make me make it work)

For the new year, I saved up money (using part of my cashed out pension from my old job) to pay for a new, state of the art, fastest shot gun in the world for the hubby. It was on a special military/law enforcement rebate until 12/31/10. He also has a friend who owns a gun store who helped make it even cheaper. But all that said, it was still an expensive gun. The reason I was even remotely ok with it is because the hubby has been talking about taking up competitive shooting for years and really wants to start this year and this gun would help him get a good head start. But still, it's a lot of money! So, I asked very politely if, after we pay some debt and put in the new closet, if I could have a little bit of the escrow money for me. I don't have a plan for it, but maybe I could get new tennis shoes, or some more make up (which I desperately need). I might get some new clothes. It's been years since I did that. I don't know. But it would be nice to have a little bit of money to do whatever I want with it. The hubby agreed!!! Seriously, what is going on with my man? He said it was time I got to have some fun money. He said I'm always so responsible and never buy things just because, so he thought it sounded like a good idea for me to have some of that money to do something fun!

I still don't know what I will do with it, but I'm not going to argue!

Man, it's been such a weird, great, awesome, amazing few days!! And I'm the happiest I've been since my husband came home from Iraq. It feels like we are finally clicking again. We are talking again. We are communicating. We are getting back to where we were when we first got married. He is not shutting me out... as much. We still have a ways to go. He still needs to get off the computer more. We still need to talk more, but we are finally making head way to that goal!

I hope the rest of 2011 is as great as these first few days have been!