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A Boy, A Girl, and The Marine Corps: A Love Triangle: Would you like some answers? I would.

A Boy, A Girl, and The Marine Corps: A Love Triangle

"I cast my lot with a Marine and where he was, was home to me." ~ Anonymous.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Would you like some answers? I would.

So, not a ton of people asked questions, but that's ok. I realized I'm heading out of town tomorrow and won't be back until Tuesday afternoon, so I just going to answer the ones I have.

If you have been meaning to ask a question, or have forgotten or whatever, please feel free to still ask, I will answer them when I get home.

1. What is the one thing on your grocery list that you absolutely HAVE to buy each time you go the the store. I'm not talking about household staples, I mean a little package of M&M's, a 12 pack of Coke, toaster struedels, something that isn't needed but that always buy anyway.

This is a good questions... Mostly because I don't actually have that item really. I usually buy stuff to make taco salads. I like having avocado's. But I'm very much so a pragmatist. I buy what we can afford, so if snacks are not on the list, we don't get them. I'm trying to eat health, so I don't buy candy or sweets anymore and the only chips we buy are ones that only my husband likes so I won't be tempted to eat them too. Our grocery list is pretty small and usually consist of things we will for sure eat and crap for my husband that I won't. :) But I like to treat myself occasionally, and when I do, I love lemon heads, Milano Raspberry cookies, or a bag of really good sourdough pretzels.

2. How many speeding tickets have you had? Which one has the best story to go along with it?

Well, how many speeding tickets I've had and how many times I've been stopped for speeding are not the same thing (wink, wink). So, I have only had two speeding tickets. Both are currently, no longer on my record. But my first one has the best story:

I had literally gotten my license a few days before I got stopped for speeding. I had a 1990 Mazda Miata (my dad and I were fixing up the engine etc, but the body was in great condition so you couldn't tell that it wasn't in great shape). I was heading to school in the morning and was heading up a slightly steep hill. The problem was that the third valve in my engine was burnt, so my car would not accelerate well on inclines. That meant that I had to speed up at the bottom so I could make it to the top. LOL! So, I did that, but didn't really realize it meant I was going 40 in a 25 MPH zone. WHOOPS! So, the cop pulled me over and scolded me, then chastised me for it being like my third day driving. I managed to mitigate the ticket though. I explained that I had no idea I was speeding and why I had accelerated and the mitigator took it off my record. :)

3. When you were young, did you ever imagine yourself as a MilWife?

No. The truth is, I never imagined myself as anyones wife. I never wanted to get married. EVER. I even told my husband that, but he talked me into it. :)

4. When do you and your husband plan on having children?

We don't. I love kids, as long as they go home at the end of the day. :) Seriously, though, I do love kids, I just don't have any desire to have my own. I love to babysit and play and do all of that stuff with friends babies, but I have never seen myself with kids. And when I picture my life down the road with the hubs, I never see kids in that picture either. Lots of people tell me I will change my mind, part of me hopes they are right, but I have a number of relatives who never had kids and don't regret it. We'll see. People always told me I would change my mind when I got older, but I haven't. And I watched my nephew be born when I was 16 and it really kinda soured me on the whole thing. LOL! Who knows, maybe when I hit 30 I will change my mind, but so far I haven't.

5. How many do you want and do you have their names picked out?

HAHA! As a matter of fact, though I don't really want kids, I do have their names picked out. I have since high school. Boy: Holden Royce Girl: Jaala (pronounce JAYLA, it's hebrew) Nicole. :) The husband hates both these names. He insists we are going to name them something else, but I'm pretty sure he will want to name them after famous generals, and I'll have to veto that. :)

6. What are you opinions so far on being a Marine wife?

Of course, that is tough question. It varies from day to day. I love my husband. I'm so proud of him and his service. But sometimes, I just simply hate the military and the fact that it is constantly in the middle of our life and marriage. I can say for sure that Marine Wife is not a role that is meant for everyone. I would not tell just anyone to go for it... I have a friend who is a new Marine Wife who told me it's horrible... I tried to tell her what it's like before she got married. (shrug) But, honestly, you never know what you are made of, how independent you are, how strong your love is, or how strong you are until you are put to the test. Military wives in general will never question devotion, love, faith, their ability to be faithful, or how strong they are. They already know. I do think Marines are hard to be married to. I do know that we average the highest divorce rate in the military (as a branch, Navy Seals technically have the highest divorce rate). I know that at least once a week, I see first hand why. :) But over all, I couldn't be prouder of my husband and I couldn't feel more honored that he chose me to stand by him. He chose me to come home to. I feel such a thrill to play the role of his anchor and rock. There is something so amazing about a person who feels the need to serve. Someone who loves their country, believes in human rights and believes in protecting those in this nation so much that they are willing to be in harms way to stand up for those things, even if it means paying with the price of their lives. And we wives (of any branch) are so lucky to have a built in community. I know, no matter where I am, if there is even one military wife in the crowd, I will have something in common with her. And that is awesome! I feel lucky to be part of this life, and the community it comes with. Even if sometimes I absolutely hate the military. Many of you have heard me say it before, but I will say it again.... The thing I love most about my husband is that he is a Marine. And the thing I hate most about my husband is that he is a Marine. That pretty much sums up my feelings in one sentence.

Thanks for asking all these great questions everyone!!!

Feel free to ask more!


Blogger Tori and Chad said...

Ha! I love that you didn't want to get married either and he talked you into it. Same here!

February 6, 2011 at 4:11 AM  
Blogger Candice said...

Hey girl it's Candice from A small town girl loving a Marine. You were following my blog, but some how I accidently deleted it. I'm in the process on making my new blog; please follow the new one! :) Thank you so much!

February 8, 2011 at 10:32 PM  

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