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A Boy, A Girl, and The Marine Corps: A Love Triangle: May 2010

A Boy, A Girl, and The Marine Corps: A Love Triangle

"I cast my lot with a Marine and where he was, was home to me." ~ Anonymous.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

My birthday party

Well, we had our big shindig last night... 40 hamburgers, tons of soda, and a keg of beer.

It was so much fun... I don't really drink, so I was the sober one last night, but man was it a good time. We had over 20 people crowded into our house laughing and shouting! Some good friends that we haven't seen in ages made it, so that is always a good time.

The highlight of the night was when my husband (who was considerably intoxicated) thought it would be a good idea to send beer home with our friend, also very inebriated, in a gallon zip lock bag. I'm not kidding.

She made it all the way down the stairs, at which time she turned the bag sideways and it dumped half a gallon of beer all over my entry way. Thank god we got all the shoes up before it spread, but now my entry way smells like stale beer. :( All I could say at the time was, "Oh S%&T!" I'm so glad we have tile down there. LOL.


On an even better note, I got a great email today. Someone responding to my ad for a roommate. She said, " I don't know if you have many responses, but I'm willing to beat your best offer." Wireless internet, W/D, dishwasher and a fully furnished room. And I will have a roommate for the summer.

The best offer I had gotten so far was $450 for an empty frat house. I would be there all alone, no boys. A kitchen, wireless internet, cable TV and a big empty bathroom all to myself. It was a great offer, but my husband wasn't too keen on my living completely alone. So, this way he gets peace of mind.

It is farther away from campus than the frat house, but she is throwing in a parking pass- a super good one that would cost me well over $100 to buy! I can't beat that. I'll drive the extra 6 minutes for a free parking pass. :)


Now, I just have to get homework done.

Friday, May 28, 2010

My biggest Pet Peeve

I just realized... After going through my blog and reading other peoples blogs... That I left one of my question and answer questions unanswered!!!

My biggest Pet Peeve!!!!

That is tough. To be honest I have many, and I have never been able to decide which one is my biggest. (BTW- this is going to be very sarcastic... My pet peeves bring that out in me.)

Animals dressed as humans is up there. So is, "carrying around my little dog because she is too cute to walk." How about, the time someone asked me why I wasn't carrying my four pound min pin in my arms? Yes, I actually got asked why I was not carrying my dog around... Uhm, how about because she has four legs, is capable of walking on her own, and probably walks--- No, definitely walks better than I do. GRRR!

Living in the Seattle area, I will give you some Seattle pet peeves... How about the fact that it rains nine months a year here, but every time it rains after it hasn't rained in a few days everyone drives like they have never seen rain before. EVER! Like, 5 miles an hour, windshield wipers on full blast, even though it's barely a sprinkle, paranoid, driving. It's ridiculous.

I also hate tourist. I'm sorry to say it, but it's true. Here's the deal. When I'm in Seattle, it means I have places to be. So, can you please not drive two miles an hour, while site seeing from your car? Like on the waterfront. I want to find a place to park and it never fails that the tourists are driving slow so they can take it all in. How about park and walk the waterfront... You'll get a much better view. And it will get you out of my way, so I can get where I need to be... And if you are going to go to a coffee place, just to be able to say you ordered real Seattle coffee from a real Seattle coffee shop, know what you are going to order. I can't stand it when I am trying to get my coffee and tourists are at the front of the line himming and hawing and asking what is good. Thank God most coffee places have the policy that if you don't know what you want, you have to get out of line. That really gets to me...

I hate people who drive under the speed limit on the freeway. Seattle is in the top 5 for worst traffic in the country and I'm pretty sure it's because so many people insist on driving 10 below the speed limit.

People who let their dogs lick their lips... EEEWWW!

People who don't pick up their dog's poo at the dog park. SERIOUSLY?! Be courteous. Oh, and by the way, it's the law!

People who don't pay attention in class then ask questions that our teacher just answered.

People who complain constantly about their lives, but are doing nothing to try to improve it. Or, on the flip side, people who constantly complain about their lives, but have no perspective, so they are complaining, but they actually have it pretty good.

I have a whole list of deployment/military related pet peeves that will have to be shared another time.

BUT---- Just maybe---- my number one pet peeve---- it might be---- Stupid people. Oh, how I hate being around stupid people. I'm not talking unintelligent. Your IQ is of no consequence to me. But man do I hate stupid people.

WHEW! That was a lot... I really do have a lot of pet peeves. :(

A good note!

My week ended on a good note!

My anatomy class is ridiculous. We are entering into week four of class, but we just had our first test and our only homework assignment on Thursday. UGH! We are super behind in lecture too. So, our teacher decided that our first test would be on everything we have lectured on in the past three weeks. Yep! It was kind of like a mini midterm. It sucked to try to cram all that info into my brain for a test that was only 50 questions long. :( However, I felt that the test was fairly easy! I don't think I got 100% but I'm pretty sure I rocked it and did well on the extra credit!

Then we had presentations due. She said 5-10 minutes long. She told us we could go home whenever we got through the whole class- 5 minutes apiece means only 90 more minutes of class... And boy did we rock through those too! Everyone wanted to go home, so no one took very long to go! We went home an hour and a half early! It was pretty sweet.

I have wicked amounts of homework to get through this weekend, but...

Tomorrow is my birthday party!!!! My husband and I are 50 weeks apart in age, so our birthdays are only two weeks apart. LOL. So we always do a big joint birthday party. Tomorrow is the big day!!! We have 20 people, a keg and a crap load of hamburgers! Sadly, it meant I had to spend all day today cleaning and doing laundry. But, who cares!? Tomorrow is a big party!


Oh, and about my externship? I'm still going to WSU. I spoke to a person at my second choice site. She said I should apply for the job, even though I'm not doing my externship there. She said she would pass my info onto HR so they know that she knows me and are looking for my resume! I'm very excited. The interview/hiring process is very lengthy and involves multiple panel interviews, health checks and blood work. She said not to worry about being gone to WSU for 6 weeks, if they like me, they will be willing to work around it! I'm stoked!

Crappy weeks always have a way of working out- on a sad note- I bombed my test on Wend. :( But I'm going to get tutoring to help me through the rest of the sequence. So, maybe not the end of the world. :)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

From Bad to Worse...

This is just a really whinny week. :(

Yesterday I had a test. I did not feel ready for it. It was identifying white blood cells and blood parasites on the microscope, as well as a written portion. I bombed it. The first 8 questions were worth five points apiece and were all identifying things. I only got three correct. The rest of the written portion went fine, but those questions were only worth two points each, so it won't out weight the 25 points I missed. AWESOME.

I actually cried. She started telling us what some of the things were and I cried when I realized how poorly I had done.

Today, I have a test in Anatomy. My teacher hasn't given us a single test in three weeks. So today, the test is on everything we have learned in three weeks! No pressure. It's just 5 chapters worth of information. And my teacher is really vague. She said, "know these muscle." But didn't tell us what we need to know about them. When we asked her, she said, "you know, know them." Great. It sucks. I have no idea how I am going to pass my test today.

Oh, and I still haven't figured out where I'm going to live at WSU. My husband is being picky and he won't really talk about it. GRRRR!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bad weekend, worse week?

My weekend just got worse and worse. Confused about my externship... Worried about getting school work done... And so on.

I never did get all my homework done. It was just too much. Then, to make my life harder, my husband was gone, I didn't hear from him all weekend, my externship was in the air, and then my roommate for WSU emailed to tell me I couldn't live there anymore. :( I leave in 5 weeks. :(

My husband is pretty paranoid about craigslist, so I figured I would have to live in the dorms, which is double the cost of getting a roommate. We would go broke paying for it and I would be forced to come home and get a crappy job, somewhere I hate just to make ends meet. :( UGH!

It seemed like things were looking up yesterday. The hubby agreed to me posting an ad on craigslist for a roommate to which I have gotten a lot of good responses to. My teacher expressed her disappointment that the whole class did really poorly on our first test, but I got 100%! All good things...

Then I did an ear cytology on my dog to find out that I was right, she has another ear infection. :( Luckily, I have the medicine and can treat her without having to go to the vet and pay a fortune. But sucky that I have to treat her at all... She really hates it.

Then today, I got a really good, promising offer on housing. I called my husband about it and he got argumentative with me! I don't know why. It was like he didn't want me to live there. I got upset and told him so. He ignored me and blew me off. I hung up on him. He called back and told me that I was being stupid... Twice. Then called me the "B" word. I'm not kidding. He called me the "B" word for being mad at him. I tried and tried to explain why I was upset, but he kept telling me to calm down and that I was being stupid, so I hung up on him again. He got mad, called me back and yelled at me. UGH! Seriously. UGH!

He did eventually listen to why I was upset and apologized. But it was not what I needed right now.

My life is not that bad all things considered, but man, it's been a rough weekend and it is not looking like my week is going to get any better. :( Bummer.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Questions and Answers

So, I was going to wait a few days to get more questions, but I'm crazy busy with school and don't know when else I will have time.

Here it goes:

A little know fact about me:

I have a blanky that never leaves my bed... Well, unless I'm on the couch, sick. My grandmother made me a blanky when I was born (My nuh-night). I quickly wore through it. She made me only two more in my life time. One, is a small piece wrapped snuggly in a plastic bag in storage (My buh-bye). It is from my early days of childhood. The other, is a large blanket, that is mostly rags now, that is folded nicely at the foot of my bed. My husband does not allow me to sleep with it. I wouldn't anyway... Not because I'm an adult, but because my hubby sleeps in the buff and my blanky is never allowed to touch naked skin. Those are the rules. It can't hang over the side of the bed or touch the floor either. (Don't judge, I got it when I was 11.) But when I am sick or my husband is away, I sleep with it. I used it through my whole deployment. I sleep better... Rules of nostalgic childhood relics, I think.

What is my biggest fear?

That is a really tough one. I would usually answers spiders. Hands down... However, if you want me to be completely honest, that is my third biggest fear. My second biggest fear is that no one will believe me. Weird, I know. But I fear that someday, I will know something, or see something important and that no one will believe me when I try to tell the truth.

My number one, biggest fear is a horrible one. I fear for my husbands life. He is a Marine who deploys to war. He is a man who's goal in life is to be a police officer. Both very dangerous jobs. I fear, everyday, that he will leave my house, kiss me goodbye, and I will never see him again.

What is my most embarrassing moment?

That is a really tough one. You see, I'm a clumsy, ditsy, spaz who's life if filled with embarrassing moments. I fell down the stairs at my mother-in-laws house and seriously injured my back (I still have back problems to this day). When I went to the ER, they treated it as a domestic abuse case. Horribly embarrassing to try to convince people that I really am that clumsy.
When I was in Junior High, I started my period unexpectedly during band class. It so happened that that was also the day we had to be fitted for our concert uniforms. I was forced to change (while not realizing I had started my period) in a room full of girls and my female teacher. I still have nightmares about that one.
Once I called a friend to confirm our plans for the evening. She said, "I don't think I can make it out tonight, my dogs are barking." To which I replied, "I didn't know you have dogs?" Yep, that ditsy. I had known this girl for two years and been to her house, and I still asked about the dogs. I am very good at embarrassing my self publicly and privately. Too many stories to tell.

What is my favorite thing about my man, and my least favorite?

That is easy. He is a Marine. My favorite thing about him, what I love the absolute most about him, is that he is a Marine. He is brave, strong and loyal. And what I absolutely hate about him most is that he is a Marine, who is brave, strong, and incredibly loyal... to his men, not always me. It's tough to love it about him and even tougher to realize how hard it is to be married to a Marine, who deploys and all the stuff that comes with military life. Some days I love it, some days I hate it... Most days, it is just part of life.

What is my favorite thing about myself, and my least favorite?

There are a few things that are kinda both. I love that I'm an over achiever... However, it means I put an immense amount of stress and pressure on myself, which I hate. I am a people pleaser, which is great when I'm pleasing my friends and family, and not so great when I'm killing myself to please my friends and my family. I love that I am laid back about life, but I hate that I have a hard time making friends. The list goes on and on. But don't worry, in general, I really like who I am. :)

So those are the questions so far... Please feel free to ask more and I will do my best to answer honestly.

Friday, May 21, 2010


Why is it that the military is always in full swing in my life when ever I really need my husband. Every drill this happens.

I have agreed to go to WSU for my externship... However, I had a second choice. My second choice came to school today and did a lecture all about what they do. It got me excited. I really want to work there. I don't know why I decided to go to WSU instead of going to this business for my externship. I fear it is too late now.

WSU is amazing. I will learn so much. But what if I could get a job out of my externship? How amazing would that be. The catch? I can't willy nilly change my mind. My second choice takes about 4 weeks and a million interviews to get on there. It also cost the company a small fortune, because I have to get a bunch of health and occupational tests done. So, if I change my mind and apply to this other place, I have to say yes no matter what. I cant' turn it down.

I want desperately to talk to my husband. I have been questioning my WSU decision a lot lately. And now, I really don't know what to do. My second choice only takes externs when they are hiring. They are hiring now. I could apply for a job, but it would be hard to go through the month long hiring process from across the state, when I could just do my externship there and possibly get a job. Lord knows I could use the job.

I feel lost. Both places are really amazing choices. Both places would be great. So, which is the place to go?

300th Post!!!

In honor of my 300th post, I have decided to open myself up to questions. You can email me or comment any question you like and I will do my best to answer it. I don't mind if no one does this... I'm not a super interesting person, however, I though I would give you guys a chance to get to know me better.

Oh a sad note, I'm exhausted. I didn't sleep well. Something about dreams where I was mad at my husband and threatening to divorce him. I was also mad at a former class mate and she was trying to take it onto a TV show... But I refused to talk crap about her so they wouldn't put us on the air. I really just tossed and turned all night. Mostly, I was thinking about my state exam. It is super hard. Lost of obscure laws. UGH! I hope I pass it, I think I will, but, man, it's stressing me out.

I've been up since 5:30 am. I'm so tired.

I just hope I can get all my homework an stuff done this weekend.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


I got my state exam in the mail today.

I have 30 days from the day I receive it to complete it and mail it back in. I don't know what day I received because I don't check my mail everyday. OH BOY! I'm gonna have to get on it.

I printed out all the laws. I have the exam, now I just have to find time to take it!

I have class and homework today. I have a lecture tomorrow. Plus, I still need to do the reading and review for my VTNE review class. I have homework and laundry... Oh, and cleaning the house.

Husband is at drill this weekend, so no help there. On the one hand, I will be really busy this weekend, on the other, I know I'm going to have a hard time with him being gone.

I'm just a teeny, tiny, weensy, bit overwhelmed! I didn't expect to get my state exam so soon! GOODNESS! I just gotta deep breath and get to it.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Motivations and husbands...

6 weeks until I'm done with class and off to WSU!

I did get a lot of homework done Friday, so I decided to put the last chapter I needed to read off until today.

I thought that would mean spending time with the hubby... Instead it meant more time to fight. Yes, we are back there again. I have to say, we do not fight as much as when he first came home. But we are having an on going problem that is both of our faults.

Ever since he stepped off that bus from Iraq, he has been on Facebook playing games and talking to friends. He ignores me. I talk to him about nothing? He grunts or asks me to repeat myself because he is busy playing games. I talk to him about important things... same deal. This weekend, I was trying to tell him about graduation and the after party and he shushed me to listen to the radio. I'm not kidding. Put his hand up and shushed me. Not cool.

But my blame is probably equal to his. I have let this go on and on. I have only spoken up about it a few times. Instead, I sit and sulk. I sour, I resent, I get angry, but all in silence. Plus, when I'm stressed, I'm snappy. I have been increasingly stressed lately, as you can imagine. So, he doesn't always want to talk to me because I'm tired, stressed and grumpy.

After weeks of this awesome combination, we finally hit the peak of what we both could take.

It sucks to fight, but we came out of it well. We are both cutting back on our computer/Facebook time. We are both working on not being grumpy when we have had a bad day. We are both focused on spending more time together, listening to each other. All in all, I have to say, sometimes fights aren't such a bad thing.


Graduation made me sad. All my friends are leaving me. I'm all alone now. It also made me anxious to graduate! And, I now realize that I want to be asked to be a student speaker. I have to be nominated and I'm not so vain as to ask to be nominated. But it would be a huge honor and one that I really wish I could have. But, I have had a lot of other things that have been a huge honor... So, I can't really expect to be asked. (I was asked to be in a commercial for my school! I'm interviewing for it soon!)

We went out afterward to a local bar. We danced and drank (I was driving so I didn't drink) and met some nice people. One really drunk guy wouldn't leave us alone. The bouncers came over to kick him out and he tried to get us to vouch for him. Like that was going to happen. We refused and he left. But other than that, it was awesome to hang with my girls! One is going home to North Carolina today, one is moving in a few months and the other I never see because she is always working. I'm going to miss them all!

Graduations are always bitter sweet, aren't they?

Friday, May 14, 2010


I had zero motivation this week. Two of my teachers are on vacation. We did nothing in class, but managed to have homework that I still haven't done. :(

It's graduation tonight for my friends and I am going... But I really needed to get more homework do before I agreed to it. Which I agreed to anyway. Now I will be doing homework tomorrow instead of spending time with my husband. We have a family brunch on Sunday and I have my review class, so no homework there.

It's not senioritis. It's just a wicked case of the sunshines. It's been a nice week. We aren't really do anything in class. I'm almost done. UGH!

Six more weeks and I really need to get my crap together. I'm so close to my 4.0. I can't screw up now. :(


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Yeah more stress!

So, my friend has surgery practicum this week. I decided to go and give her moral support. :)

So, I've been at school all day for the last two days. Today was surgery day. Not so bad, since I'm not the one doing surgery practicum, right? Wrong. Our school vet (and did I mention my program director?) asked me to do her a favor. To which I replied, "depends on what it is." LOL! She asked a very simple thing. She asked me to do a fecal on her dog. For those of you not in the the vet field (which I think is all of you. HEHE) a fecal is done in a number of ways. At school we spin the feces down with a special liquid and then let it sit for 10 minutes. This allows various parasitic eggs or larva to float to the top so we can identify what the dog might have. We place the top bit of liquid on a slide and look at it under a microscope.

This is really no big deal and is not difficult at all. She tells me she's going to go get the feces out of her car (don't worry, it was in a bag. :) ) She then mentions, on the way out the door, that she would like me to do blood work. This is stressful. It's my program directors own, personal dog. I would really prefer not to mess up, or have a difficult time and cause huge hematomas all over the place (bruises). She also wants a jugular stick, which is something I struggle with. No pressure, right?

So, she hands me the feces and the dog. I start prepping my stuff for the fecal and she says, "Oh, yeah, and I would also like you to get chest radiographs (x-rays) if you wouldn't mind."

How on earth do I get talked into this sorta stuff?! I went from doing a basic, simple, fecal, to a full diagnostic work up. I enlisted the help of a fellow student, because I can't do this stuff alone. Oh, and since it was surgery day, I had to do it all without supervision.

On the one hand, it's nice that my program director trusts me. On the other hand, super stressful!

I couldn't get the blood draw, her dog has horrible veins, so a teacher had to do it. I did get the radiographs, but her dog fought us the whole time, so they were just ok. And the fecal went just fine... But holy cow. Stress I really didn't need. (sigh)

GEEZE! I hope I can sleep it off tonight.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Awake again

I did fall asleep yesterday... at 7 am, slept till 10 am. Yep, three hours. And it wasn't good sleep because I was on the couch and my husband was playing loud video games.

He then tells me he's irritated with me because he woke up at 6 am and couldn't sleep because I wasn't in bed. So today, I got maybe an hour and a half of sleep and then decided to watch TV in bed. I don't want him mad at me again. He wakes up a few minutes ago and says he going down to sleep on the couch because the TV is too loud.

He is the only person on earth with hearing sensitive enough to hear that TV. The volume was on four and I could only tell what was going on because the subtitles were on. UGH. I can't win. In a few hours he'll be up early, irritated that I'm not in bed, but irritated that I was in bed earlier with the TV on.

On a nicer note, he took me out to dinner for my birthday last night. We were supposed to go with my parents, but they canceled and I have class on my actual birthday. So we went out. It was really nice. And our waiter was awesome.

Now, if I could just get some sleep...


Saturday, May 8, 2010

Ode to Sleep

Here I sit, yet again, not sleeping. Why, you may be asking? That is an excellent question. I'm done with finals, I have no homework and nothing to do tomorrow.

However, every time I close my eyes, my dreams drift to WSU. I don't stay asleep long, it's too short to be sure what I am dreaming about exactly, but suffice it to say I am so how failing miserably at being a tech. This is not good. This is not a good way to start my next classes, nor is it how I want to spend the next seven weeks thinking about WSU. At least the dream is transparent. No hidden message here. I'm dreaming about messing up... BIG TIME.

Dear Sleep,
Why do you remain allusive? Am I not sufficiently tired for you? Do I not work hard enough to earn you?
Each week, I feel exhausted. Each day, I yawn all through class, anxious to get home and go to bed, and yet, once I get there, you fail to make your presence known.
Please tell me what to do. I will do anything to entice you into my bed.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

Happy 50th anniversary of the birth control pill! LOL!

This weekend celebrates the 50th year since it got FDA approval!

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Had finals this week. All that stress didn't really allow for WSU to settle in.

Holy crap! I'm going to WSU! I'm moving across the state for six weeks to live with a stranger, in a town I've never been to, at a school I have never seen in real life! I'm freaking out!

Finals are over and went well... I think I have a job lined up for after graduation. GRADUATION!!!! HOLY CRAP!!!!! I'm about to graduate! 13 more weeks and I will be graduated!

Man, I am not ready for the real world! School is very structured. School is, well... School. Soon I will be out in the real world! Man, I don't think I'm ready for that.

Holy crap... What am I going to do?

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I got my acceptance letter today! I am officially going to WSU (Washington State University) for my externship! I start in seven and a half weeks!

I will be learning from some of the best vet techs in the country!

I have a place to live, I have money saved up and my departments picked! I was just waiting for the official word! And I got it!


Bar Opening

So, here's a little adventure my husband and I had this weekend.

One of the men from that my husband deployed with in 2005 has always wanted to open a bar. He has been talking about it since high school. Well, it finally happened.

So we made the hour drive from our house down to Tacoma. Not my favorite place in the world. It's pretty ghetto. Not to mention, the "Tacoma Aroma." No joke, the city actually stinks. It's worse during the summer. We had no idea where we were going. It turns out the bar is in the middle of the bar district, which has one parking lot and all street parking. It was impossible to find somewhere to park. We hit the parking lot and found that Tacoma is filled with (pardon my french) douche bags. Everyone drives a huge pickup truck and double parks. So there were plenty of spaces, but none that my little two door car could fit in. We finally found one, had to do some major tricks to get into the spot and parked.

We went into the bar and found all the Marines, drinking... Of course. The drinks were fairly cheap and the place was pretty nice. It's the only country bar in the area, so it was packed. And it was the first day it was open to the public.

It turned out to not be much of an adventure. I was the DD, so I had one drink and called it a night. The only wife that I know well decided to not come, so I was stuck with wives that I sorta know, but not really. But they all know each other really well, so I was the odd man out. I had an ok time, but I was pretty ready to leave. My husband, of course, had a grand time talking about guns, the deployment and all things USMC. But we had a long drive home, so we called it a night just after 12:30am.

Next time, I'm going to call more wives and insist they come... And maybe get a hotel near by so we don't have to drive home. It would have been much more fun. But I'm pretty excited for our friend, he's always wanted to own a bar. It's a pretty nice place and I think it will do pretty well.