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A Boy, A Girl, and The Marine Corps: A Love Triangle: March 2010

A Boy, A Girl, and The Marine Corps: A Love Triangle

"I cast my lot with a Marine and where he was, was home to me." ~ Anonymous.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

First Drill Weekend

Well, it's the first weekend my husband has had drill since being home from deployment. I just don't think I was ready.

The last year of my life has been spent dealing with deployments. I had a horrible time trying to keep myself occupied to not go completely crazy. I really struggled. Mornings and days weren't so bad, but night time was hard for me. I routinely went to bed at 7:30pm just to avoid being alone at night. That meant I was up at 5:30am every day, but that was fine with me. For some reason, any time after about 5 pm was hard for me.

I had no one to talk to. I had no one to help me. I was all alone for the first time in my life. I was worried all the time and lonely. Then my husband came home. It was like going from zero to sixty in two seconds. I went from being completely alone with no one to talk to, to having someone in my face 24 hours a day. It was much more than I was prepare to handle. I'm still adjusting to having my husband home. I love that he is here now, that I can see him everyday and that I can touch him. I hate that I was so used to being alone that I feel overwhelmed with having him here.

That being said, he is gone now. He left before I woke up on Thursday and will not be home until late tonight. I just don't know what to do with myself. I wasn't ready to spend time away from him again, even though it's hard to have him here. I think if I had homework to do this weekend it wouldn't be so bad. I would be busy. But it's my weekend between classes. I have nothing to do. I'm struggling to keep myself busy again.

It just feels weird to be apart again. I got used to having him here... even if it's still hard sometimes. Next month he is gone for a week. In reality, drill is not a big deal. It's not a deployment. It's not that long of a time to be apart. It's more like a business trip than anything. I'm just going to have to figure out what to do with myself now. I can't remember what I used to do, before the deployment, to keep myself busy while he was gone. It feels like that was so long ago.

I guess I will have to take up a hobby. Or find a good book to read.

I guess this is a good gauge to show me how hard it will be when I move across the state for six weeks. But during that time, I will be busy, so maybe not.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Holy Cow!

Well, it's been a while...

Let's see what all has happened in the last two weeks. Ah, yes... Finals.

General Sciences, better know as the thorn in my side for the last seven weeks... Or as the class that crams chemistry, organic chemistry, math, biology, genetics all in one, is finally over. I have spent that last seven weeks swearing that "tomorrow" was the day I would finally lose my 4.0. Well, I positively rocked the finals. I got over 100% on my practical final and a 95% on my written. That 95% is the highest grade on a final I have received to date in the tech program. In the assisting program I could pull off a 98%, but the tech program routinely kicks my ass every seven weeks. I ended up with a 101% in the class, in large part, thanks to two extra credit projects I did with a class mate.

Lab animals and exotics? Not so much. I had over 100% in the class. I worked my ass off all sequence long. Too bad the final was worth 40% of my grade. Yes, you heard right, 40%, as in almost half of my final grade hinged on one test. And that test? I bombed. I won't get my final grade until Monday, but damn. 10 questions I wasn't sure I was right, and at least 5 I flat didn't know the answer. Did I mention that many of the questions had two correct answers as the possible choices (out of four choices)? Yep. For instance: The question was- Which species of bird if prone to egg binding? There are at least five breeds of birds prone to this. Finches, canaries, love birds, cockatiels, and budgies. The options on the test were budgies and cockatiels, plus two others I can't remember. But which one is the "correct" answer if both C and D are correct options? I have no idea. Sucks. I think I lost my A in that class.

So, there goes my 4.0. Sad. It sucks to work so hard and lose it because of one test... But such is life.

My hubby is gone this weekend. It's his first weekend of drill since he's been home. It majorly sucks that it had to be on a homework free weekend. I'm seeing friends instead, but it's such a bummer.

I also registered to take my state licensing exam today. On the first, I will register for the national exam. Then cram time comes. 14 weeks of school left, plus a six week externship, plus a 12 week review class (online on Sundays), plus my review books to read and study, plus another website of questions and answers, all to get my freaking license, so I can call myself a vet tech. UGH! It's going to be a busy five months. I'm freaking out. The national exam grades on a curve! So not fair. It doesn't matter how many what percent you get on the exam. This past exam, the national average was 112 correct questions, so in order to get your license you had to get more than that number correct. That is super hard. I know a lot of people who failed because of it. The national average is usually around 80 correct answers. I'm freaked out that the average was so high and that means I really have to do well in August or I won't get my license and I won't be able to get a job!

So, I'm almost done with school, but am gearing up the take my licensing exams. So much for stress decreasing as school winds down. :(

I miss my hubby too.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


So, I have finally decided where I am going to apply for my externship.

I spoke with my program director and one of my teachers and they both said to go to WSU (Washington State University) if I can. It's a really good school and their veterinary medicine program is well known and respected. It would be the best opportunity.

I decided I was going, with our without my husbands support. Lucky for me, he said he supported it. It's going to be tough financially. It's going to be hard because I've never lived away from home or anything like that. It will be expensive because I have to pay rent and eat and have gas money, on top of paying a house payment and all the bills at home. I've also never left my husband. He leaves all the time for military reasons, but I have never left him at home, alone. That will be weird for both of us.

But, it will be the coolest thing I can do. I'm so excited. I have no reason to think they won't take me. I have great teacher recommendations and a 4.0, but I'm a bit nervous they may say no. That would suck.

I've started saving money for it. I've started thinking about where I'm going to live... Lucky for me, a friend of mine is going to be the first student from my school to go to WSU. She found a roommate who might be willing to take me too, so I'm really hoping that works out. All in all, I feel relieved to have made a decision. I was really stressed about picking the RIGHT site. WSU will look great on a resume and I'll learn a lot. It will suck because it's far enough away from home that I will not be able to drive home to see my husband. It will be six consecutive weeks away from home. We will be able to email and talk on the phone a bit, but it will suck to be away from him again. But such is life.

So relieved to have a site picked... But so stressed about being able to afford it.... But excited to go... I just don't know if I'm more excited or stressed. LOL!